Steven Gerben's Hands Disorder Explained by Tires Actor

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Steven Gerben, the star of the new Netflix series Tires, gave viewers insight into the disorder that visibly affected his hands on-screen.

Created by stand-up comedian Shane Gillis, Tires follows the heads of an auto repair chain store during a change in leadership in a comedic setting across a six-episode fictional story.

Gerben takes the spotlight in this series as Will, the heir to the show's central automotive business, who comes off as quite unqualified as he hopes to turn the business around despite being tortured by his cousin who works for him.

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Tires Star Explains Steven Gerben Hands Disorder

Steven Gerber in Tires

Following Tires' arrival on Netflix, fans noticed that Steven Gerben's hands and fingers look somewhat disfigured throughout the series, leading to questions about whether he has a disorder.

Speaking on Matt and Shane's Secret Podcast in 2021, Gerben attributed the problems with his hands to arthritis, noting that "the medication [he] was on stopped working."

He also explained that he contracted COVID-19, adding to the issues he was already dealing with:

"It was arthritis stuff. The medication I was on stopped working, so we tried different medications, and they used to not work, so that one kills your everything, and then COVID."

As part of an NSFW conversation, Gerben joked with his co-hosts that they could "make fun of [his] hands all [they] want," revealing to listeners that he unfortunately only has one usable finger:

"It’s unfortunate. I would like to have two usable fingers, I do not."

This is due to severe arthritis in his hands that sometimes causes rheumatoid arthritis, although that is not confirmed to be the case for Gerben.

Tires Season 1 is now streaming on Netflix.

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