Who Is Kilah Fox from Netflix's Tires? 4 Things to Know About Actress

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Kilah Fox Tires Netflix

Tires actress Kilah Fox is turning heads as a part of the new Netflix workplace comedy

Fox joins the likes of comedians Shane Gillis and Andrew Shulz in the off-beat streaming chuckle fest, leading the cast as Kilah, a 'putting in the bare minimum' staff member at the series' central tire shop.

Tires marks Fox's major TV debut, and she appears in all six episodes of the streaming comedy. 

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4 Things To Know About Tires Actress Kilah Fox

Kilah Fox in Tires on Netflix

Kilah Is a Stand-Up Comedian

Kilah has worked as a stand-up comedian for several years, coming into Tires having met creator and star Shane Gillis on the comedy scene. 

Fox, who is a native of the Philidelphia area, came up with Gillis on the comedy circuit in eastern Pennsylvania. 

Tires embraces these Northeastern roots, taking place in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania.

She has also appeared in Gillis and his frequent collaborator John McKeever's sketch comedy show Gilly and Keeves, taking on minor roles in 10 of the show's 22 total episodes.

Kilah Volunteers at a Camp for Kid

Outside of comedy, Kilah spends her time volunteering at a stay-away camp for bereaving children. 

The Tires star described the work she does at the camp, named Camp Erin, on her April 2022 appearance on the Two Jacked Bros podcast, saying the facility is for kids ages 7 to 17, "after they experience a tragedy or a loss:"

"I volunteer at this camp. It is called Camp Erin. It is a bereavement camp for kids who have lost siblings or their parents. So it is ages seven to 17. After they experience a tragedy or a loss like that, the main catalyst for drug use or alcohol or going down the wrong path is isolation. You know, your friend, or brother, or parent dies, and you are back in math class on Monday, and you are like, 'What the fuck just happened.'"

She continued, pulling the curtain back on the activities they do with the kids, including "coping strategies" and exercises to "help memorialize and talk about the person they lost:"

"So, it is a traditional camp from Friday to Sunday, and we do a lot of fun camp stuff, but we also do coping strategies and activities to help memorialize and talk about the person they lost, and have fun with kids their own age to let them know that they are not alone."

The Camp Erin network has 31 camp locations across America, with Fox volunteering at its Philidelphia location. 

Kilah Has Had Panic Attacks Since She Was Young

Kilah Fox has dealt with severe anxiety and panic attacks since she was a young girl. 

She says they date back to when she was seven or eight years old and have always been there.

Fox calls herself "a scaredy cat," publicly talking about the "debilitating" anxiety she has felt throughout her life:

"I am a scaredy cat.  I get spooked easily. I do not like scary movies. I do not like spooky things. So I started having panic attacks when I was really young at like seven or eight. So I would always say that I would have these stomach aches because as a kid you do not know the word anxiety. This was debilitating."

In her conversation with Two Jacked Bros, the Tires actress pointed to the various things that can set her off like "thunderstorms, time" and if she was sick throwing up."

This caused the comedy star to become a shut-in for much of high school as she was "afraid [she] was going to have a panic attack if [she] went anywhere:"

"I was just talking to my mom about this, and they are about the most bizarre things like thunderstorms, time, and if I was sick I was really afraid of throwing up. So if it got too late, I would freak out about the time. I don’t even know how to explain it. So, when I was in high school I became agoraphobic where you do not go out or you are afraid to go out because I was afraid I was going to have a panic attack if I went anywhere. So I just did not go anywhere."

This agoraphobic nature made it hard to make friends for Fox, meaning she largely kept to herself through much of grade school.

Kilah Was an Athlete Growing Up

Another reason Kilah Fox did not connect with many people in high school was that she was so busy with her demanding schedule as a student-athlete. 

Fox played volleyball and was a competitive swimmer growing up, going to the Junior Olympics for the latter before the age of 13. 

She revealed it was her mom who got her into sports, as she was a swim coach when she was young (via Two Jack Bros). 

"My mom was a swimming coach when I was younger, so we grew up in the water," she remarked, talking about getting into volleyball in the eighth grade and leaving the pool behind:

“So I was an excellent athlete. I went to the Junior Olympics for swimming and I played volleyball. So I swam all through all my life. My mom was a swimming coach when I was younger, so we grew up in the water. Then when I was in eighth grade I started playing volleyball, and I quit swimming. And I remember it was my senior year, and it was championships where if we lost we were out. It was like those times when it was do or die and I was the only senior on the team. It was hard trying to be a leader and tell the girls, ‘I need you to play like this is the end.’"

Fox looked back on realizing her sporting career was done as a senior in high school and realizing that, "you are not going to continue this in the way that you loved and played for so many years:"

"The thing about sports is that when you put in so much time or fighting or whatever it is to be competitive and be the best, you are spending a lot of money to play club. You are traveling every weekend to the Midwest and West Coast because East Coast volleyball is ridiculously bad. So you spend all this time and money and you get to a certain age where you realize you are not going to be doing this professionally, or you are not going to continue this in the way that you loved and played for so many years."

Looking back on that last game she played in high school, she posited that the reason she loves sports was distilled in those fleeting final moments, that even though a team or player may be losing, "there is always the chance:"

"So it is kind of like this changing moment in your life. And we were down and losing and we were huddles, and I was like, ‘I need you to pull your fucking heads out of your asses and if you are not going to play for yourself please play for me right now.’ And I think that is the fun thing about sports. There is always the chance."

How To Follow Kilah Fox Online

Fans looking to connect with Kilah Fox online can do so on her Instagram page (@kilahfox). 

Tires is streaming now on Netflix. 

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