Thor 4: Taika Waititi Reacts To Celebrity-Filled Marvel Cast

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There's been a usual trend when it comes to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and how many solo movies a single character gets. See Iron Man for example. After three movies, Robert Downey Jr. was only seen in team-up adventures, or in cameos. The same goes for Captain America. Trilogies were the expectation—but then Thor: Love and Thunder came along.

You may be thinking, but what about Captain America 4? Well, that doesn't exactly count towards this, because it's likely to be a Sam Wilson-led film and not one following Steve Rogers like the first three installments in that franchise. So the credit goes to the one and only God of Thunder for breaking the mold. Better yet, Chris Hemsworth's fourth solo outing is once again being brought to life by Taika Waititi.

Waititi is a crazy, hilarious, spontaneous genius—and all of those traits, and more, are what catapulted Thor: Ragnorak to new heights. It's set to happen once again as Thor: Love and Thunder has a star-studded cast. Several really big plot points are set to be introduced into the MCU through Thor 4such as Gorr the God Butcher and Jane Foster receiving the powers of the God of Thunder.

But what was it like for Waititi to work with all of these icons? And furthermore, will Thor's new adventure retain the same amount of comedic touches that the director is known for?


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Thor: Love and Thunder is filled to the brim with high-profile actors. Of course, there's the returning Chris Hemsworth, Tessa Thompson, and Natalie Portman.

Then, you have Chris Pratt, alongside the rest of The Guardians, Christian Bale's Gorr the God Butcher, Jeff Goldblum's Grandmaster, and Russell Crowe's probable Zeus. Add in to cameos from Melissa McCarthy, Matt Damon, Sam Neill, and needless to say, the film is stacked.

Coming off of wrapping his highly anticipated return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Taika Waititi sat down with The Sydney Morning Herald to talk about working with the star-studded cast of Thor: Love and Thunder

Not surprisingly, Waititi was quick to say that the whole thing was "quite amazing:"

“It’s quite amazing, just the amount of people that we’ve got. I kept looking around, or just looking back over the shoot, and thinking, 'Oh my God...'”

Then Waititi started to address the comedic side of his Thor films. Thor: Ragnarok was shockingly different than the films that came before it, and a big part of that was the comedic style that Waitti injected into the film. 

However, for Thor: Love and Thunder, Waitti thinks that this new film "might be funnier" than before. 

“I think this might be funnier... Everything we did with Ragnarok, we’ve just multiplied it."

As for what comes after Thor's next adventure, Waititi isn't quite sure: 

“Who knows if we do another one after this but I definitely feel like we put everything – every idea and every single ridiculous concept or gag or stunt or character – into this film. I couldn’t be happier with it.”


Thor: Love and Thunder has so much going for it. On top of the aforementioned Gorr the God Butcher and Jane Foster, the film will also feature the entire Guardians of the Galaxy team—and maybe even Zeus? This film looks like it's going to be absolutely insane.

With how Waititi has spoken so excitedly about the film, as has much of the many different cast members, Thor's fourth adventure seems to have had a great amount of passion put into the final product. Just look how ripped Chris Hemsworth is

The worst part about Thor: Love and Thunder, is how the film won't be graced by the glorious presence of Tom Hiddleston's Loki. At least fans have his upcoming Disney+ show Loki to make up for it.

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