Thor 4’s Daughter Almost Looked WAY Different (Photo)

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Thor Love and Thunder art

Some new concept art has shown that Love from Thor: Love and Thunder, played by India Hemsworth, could have looked a lot different in her MCU debut.

When the movie was first announced in 2019, most probably would have never guessed that the title referred to the reincarnated daughter of Christan Bale’s Gorr the God Butcher, courtesy of Eternity. The twist is an entirely original MCU creation, as nothing like it is present in the comics.

While many had issues with Thor: Love and Thunder, the inclusion of this unique character was among its stronger creative decisions. It also opens up the door to an entirely different version of Thor, whose now a father of sorts (something that will no doubt please Chris Hemsworth).

However, it seems that Love could have made it to the screen looking quite different.

Thor’s Daughter, Love, Could Have Looked a Lot Different

Thor, Love, Love and Thunder

Marvel Studios Director of Visual Development and Concept Artist Andy Park released new concept art of India Hemsworth’s Love from Thor: Love and Thunder on Instagram.

In the movie, the character of Love is seen as a human-like child, with Gorr’s facial markings slightly present on her as well.

The newly released art sees a much different take on the character.

Thor, Love, Love and Thunder

The two most significant changes are the long, brightly blue-colored braided hair and her ashy white skin, almost identical to that of her father.

Thor, Love, Love and Thunder

Comparing the two side-by-side, while her clothes are similar, the people themselves give off different vibes. The concept art seems to be a confident, slightly older take, while the final version is younger and a tad more innocent. Both, however, share signs of snarkiness.

Thor, Love, Love and Thunder

Alongside the new images, Park noted how he was looking to explore “a look that spoke to [Love’s] spunky personality:”

“Spreading lots of LOVE on this day! I loved coming up with the oncept design of Gorr by fellow Vis Dev artist [John Staub]... I explored coming up with a look that spoke to her spunky personality. This design I did was before I was told that she would be cast by Chris Hemsworth’s actual daughter, which I thoguht would be perfect.”

What’s the Future of Love?

When it comes to the character’s look, it’s strange that there isn’t more of Eternity’s visuals incorporated into Love’s design. After all, it’s hard to believe her connection to the cosmic entity won’t be important going forward at some point.

Whenever she does come back on screen, the character could easily be a candidate to follow in her adoptive father’s shoes and join the Young Avengers.

But will it be Chris Hemsworth’s daughter playing the role, or might she get aged up like how Wanda’s sons are destined to be (potentially as early as Agatha: Coven of Chaos)? Either way, it’ll be interesting to see what Marvel Studios does with their original creation and how they weave it into its existing Multiverse Saga narrative.

Seeing Thor as a father will surely be a goldmine for character work as well, and keep the God of Thunder fresh going into his inevitable ninth MCU appearance.

Thor: Love and Thunder is now streaming on Disney+.

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