Chris & India Hemsworth Cuddle In Adorable New Thor: Love and Thunder Set Photo

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Thor Love and Thunder Chris Hemsworth India

Thor: Love and Thunder has graced theater screens across the world, and Marve fans are eating it up. The film opened to $302 million worldwide, as the Taika Waititi-directed Marvel sequel continued the story for Chris Hemsworth's God of Thunder. And this time, Hemsworth's Thor was not alone, as Natalie Portman returned to the franchise after nearly a decade-long absence as Jane Foster/ Mighty Thor

Love and Thunder has been a long time coming as Hemsworth has become one of the longest-standing MCU mainstays. While other names like Robert Downey Jr. and Scarlet Johansson have left the series in the rearview, Chris Hemsworth continues to embrace his role and remained excited to be a part of Marvel Studios' golden goose

Having been a part of the MCU for more than a decade, Hemsworth has seen a lot of changes in his time as the golden-haired god. While the on-screen Marvel family has continued to grow, so has the actor's own personal family, and a new social media post from Hemsworth has demonstrated just that. 

The Next Generation of Hemsworth

On InstagramThor: Love and Thunder star Chris Hemsworth shared photos of him and his young daughter on the set of Marvel Studios' Thor movies.

The first showed the MCU actor in full Asgardian garb from 2013's Thor: The Dark World looking down at his daughter India when she was only a baby.

Thor Love and Thunder Daughter Green Screen

The second offered a loving glimpse of the father and daughter, as Hemsworth coddled his young one (now 10 years old) on the set of his most recent movie, Thor: Love and Thunder.

Love and Thunder Thor Daughter

Thunderous Love on Love and Thunder

Many forget just how many years go between these Marvel projects and what changes go on for these big names while they are not in front of the camera. While Kevin Feige and co. are crafting the roadmap to the next big MCU adventure, these actors are off living their own lives, and - in Hemsworth's case, enjoying time with his own family. 

Looking at the two images posted by the actor really shows just how long he has been around Marvel's super-powered film franchise. In the time since Thor: The Dark World, Hemsworth has gone from #babygirldad to just #girldad, and that will only continue to evolve as the years continue to pass. Who knows what will have changed for India, her dad, and the rest of the Hemsworth clan by the time a potential Thor 5 hits theaters? 

The MCU itself has always been pushed as a family amongst its creators, and that seems to be no different with its cast. Making a movie like Love and Thunder is a family affair. The formed family of the people actually making the movie, and the actual blood families of those very same people. And Marvel seems to embrace all of it. 

Thor: Love and Thunder is in theaters worldwide now.

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