Thor 4 Set Photos Hint at Anthony Hopkins' Odin Having Own Memorial In New Asgard

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New Asgard signage, Anthony Hopkins as Odin

Thor: Love and Thunder is set to bring Chris Hemsworth's Thor back into the fold, and the Avenger will not be alone this time around. The fourth solo adventure of the MCU hero will feature a massive ensemble of characters such as the returning Jane Foster , the Guardians of the Galaxy, and the Queen of New Asgard, Valkyrie .

So far, plot details about Love and Thunder are still being kept under wraps, but set photos from the production of the film in Sydney, Australia have provided fans with a plethora of clues on how the narrative will play out. For instance, a memorable scene from 2017's Thor: Ragnarok will be reimagined in the form of the Asgardian play , featuring new characters like Melissa McCarthy's Fake Hela .

In addition, it was also revealed that Jane will pay a visit to New Asgard , but it's still unknown how the famous astronomer ended up in the iconic MCU location. Now, an interesting fan theory has emerged that could shed some light on the character's motivations in the film.


Twitter user @loventhunders uncovered evidence that Thor: Love and Thunder will potentially include a memorial for Anthony Hopkins' Odin.

Based on the set photos, it seemingly shows the same rock where Hopkins' Odin died next to Tom Hiddleston's Loki and Chris Hemsworth's Thor in Thor: Ragnarok , but it is now surrounded by an unknown structure alongside Asgardian guards.

Marvel Studios' Thor: Ragnarok
Marvel Studios' Thor: Ragnarok

Meanwhile, it was also pointed out by the fan that the shards of Mjolnir will be honored as well.


On the surface, it makes narrative sense for the people of New Asgard to dedicate a memorial for their fallen king. Given that viewers only saw a glimpse of the city from Avengers: Endgame, it remains to be seen if this tribute was finished during the five-year gap, but there's always a chance that it's already there in the first place.

Marvel Studios' Thor: Ragnarok
Marvel Studios' Thor: Ragnarok

In the set photo, Natalie Portman's Jane Foster can be seen observing the broken pieces of Mjolnir, which is the same location as Odin's memorial. By connecting the dots, it's possible that the character is paying her respects to Odin by visiting the shrine in New Asgard. In a way, this goes to show the lasting impact of Asgard's fallen king, and it is a fitting reminder that Jane didn't forget about him from her brief time in Asgard with Hemsworth's Thor.

While the proximity of the shattered pieces of Mjolnir to Odin's memorial could just serve as a connective thread from Ragnarok , the set photo could hint that there are bigger things in play. Given that Jane will be wielding the powerful hammer in the film, there's a chance that Mjolnir will be rebuilt due to the character's presence and her worthiness to wield it.

On the flip side, an unusual occurrence could also happen that will lead to the eventual heroic transformation of Jane.

At this point, this is pure speculation, but it seems that her visit to New Asgard will likely serve as her launchpad to become Mighty Thor.

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