First Look at The Flash TV Finale Spoils Big Twist (Set Photos)

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Grant Gustin as Flash

The Flash Season 9 is slowly approaching its finale, and new set photos have spoiled a major redemption arc for one of Team Flash's members.

While the Arrowverse capper is off to a great start with its Red Death storyline, some fans are unhappy with the show's reference to Robert Pattinson's Batman in Episode 3. Despite that, some still liked other parts of the latest episode, such as the war between two factions of the Flash's rogues. 

One of the turning points of the episode was when Jon Cor's Chillblaine betrayed the team for Arrowverse's Red Death, giving the evil speedster an edge over Barry Allen and his group of Rogues. However, it seems that this betrayal will be short-lived.

The Flash's Series Finale Features Unsurprising Redemption

Canadagraphs shared new set photos from The Flash Season 9's finale, showcasing several characters teaming up against an unknown villain. 

Interestingly, one of the photos shows Jon Cor's Chillblaine alongside Flash, Danielle Nicolet's Cecile Horton, Kayla Compton's Allegra, Jessica Kennedy Parker's Nora West-Allen, and Danielle Panabaker's new Arrowverse character, Khione.

Jon Cor as Chillblaine
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This surprising twist comes after Episode 3 reveals Chillblaine's betrayal against Team Flash. 

The villain was initially a Team Flash member, but Killer Frost's death (his girlfriend) made him desperate to find a way to resurrect her. 

Given that Chillblaine appears side by side with Team Flash, he may be already at peace with Killer Frost's demise, leading to a peaceful resolution that led to him being back on action against an unknown threat. 

The set photos also revealed that Danielle Panabaker's Khione has a new costume, indicating that the new Team Flash member will have powers to help them defeat the series finale's big bad (As of Episode 3, Khione's meta abilities have yet to be confirmed).

The Flash's Last Episode Setting Up Major Final Battle

It's safe to assume that The Flash Season 9's final episode has an "all-hands-on-deck situation" that requires every active hero in Central City to be present in the massive battle.

While the villain is still unknown, there's a strong chance that the team is facing a newly-resurrected Zoom, considering that the evil Arrowverse speedster is a formidable foe in his own right. Another potential candidate would be Rick Cosnett's unnamed villain, who many theorized as Cobalt Blue.

Meanwhile, it's possible that Chillblaine's redemption would've begun in the earlier episodes instead of just showing up in the finale. 

Given that the Red Death storyline is expected to wrap up in Episode 5, Chillblaine could return to make amends with Team Flash beforehand or after a few installments. 

The Flash showrunner Eric Wallace previously teased that the show would end on a "positive, high note," indicating that conflicts within Team Flash will likely be resolved soon. Chillblaine's return to Barry Allen's team would keep Wallace's promise in check while also achieving the show's goal of providing a satisfying endgame for fans.

New episodes of The Flash Season 9 premiere on The CW every Wednesday.

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