The Flash Season 7 Sizzle Reel Features New Villain, Iris' Return, and More Godspeed

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The Arrowverse shows from the CW suffered an immediate halt last March due to the ongoing pandemic. With the production of the shows being delayed, the network had no choice but to shorten all the seasons of Supergirl, Batwoman, and The Flash. In effect, the shows ended with massive cliffhangers, and fans have to wait until next year to find out what’s next. 

Among all the aforementioned shows, The Flash is poised to lead the Arrowverse moving forward, especially now that the flagship show, Arrow, has officially ended last January. The sixth season of the hit CW series left fans with more questions than answers, and it is expected that all will be revealed during the jam-packed seventh season next year. 

Now, the show's panel from DC FanDome provided fans with an exclusive look at the upcoming season.


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During the show's DC FanDome panel, a sizzle reel was shown which highlights the first few episodes of season seven. The Flash showrunner Eric Wallace pointed out that the footage includes "massive spoilers" for the seventh season: 

While it's true that the sixth season of The Flash left fans wanting more, it seems that the upcoming seventh season will provide them the satisfaction of finally answering all the lingering questions about the fate of several characters. As pointed out by The Flash showrunner Eric Wallace, the sizzle reel is jam-packed with spoilers, but it also introduced more mysteries along the way. 

Obviously, the Mirror Master storyline still needs to be resolved, and the footage that was shown seems to hint that Team Flash needs all the help that they can get in order to stop the evil plans of Eva McCulloch. Not only that, the fate of Iris at the end of the sixth season is uncertain, but the footage seemingly confirms that the character will be back in the real world in some way. Still, it seems that being trapped inside the Mirrorverse will have a devastating effect on Iris, with the sizzle reel highlighting the struggle of the character.

Another story element that needs to be resolved is Barry's loss of speed. The trailer did provide a tease of the team's plan to help Barry gain back the full extent of his powers, and all will be revealed during the upcoming season.

Meanwhile, an interesting takeaway from the footage is the spotlight on Danielle Nicolet's Cecile Horton. The character was shown going against a metahuman, and it's a safe bet that fans will get to witness the character in action even more during the first half of season seven. 

All things considered, the seventh season of The Flash is shaping up to be a massive and intriguing run for the hit CW series. 

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