Did The Flash's Secret Villain Just Get Revealed by the Movie's Director? (Photo)

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The Flash, Ezra Miller

The Flash director Andy Muschietti may have just spoiled a secret villain from his upcoming DCU blockbuster.

The Scarlet Speedter's first solo movie is set to break down the barriers to DC's Multiverse with a number of major heroes from Michael Keaton's Batman to Sasha Calle's Supergirl, although there will be a powerful villain for them to deal with as well.

Reports and footage have teased that Barry Allen will face a darker version of himself as the main villain of The Flash, being forced to look into a Multiversal mirror as his entire universe falls apart around him.

The Flash Director Teases Unconfirmed Villain?

The Flash director Andy Muschietti posted an image on Instagram that may have spoiled a secret villain that will appear in the DCU's next solo movie.

Only including the word "Flashdoodle" as the caption, Muschietti shared a fairly crude drawing of a character that bears a strong resemblance to the classic Flash villain, Reverse Flash.

Reverse Flash

Reverse Flash is one of the Flash's most notable villains from the comics, most regularly being the alter-ego of Eobard Thawne, a 25th-century scientist who finds the Flash's suit in the future. He wound up reversing the costume's colors and adopted the moniker of "Professor Zoom the Reverse-Flash," although he also altered a device that became an atomic bomb that the Flash had to diffuse, amongst other exploits.

Reverse Flash and Flash in DC comics

A number of fans agreed with this theory in a thread featuring the photo on Reddit, questioning if Reverse Flash could actually pop up as a villainous force alongside the film's already-confirmed 'Dark Flash.'

One had no doubts about the character's identity in saying "is literally Reverse Flash, no question."

Another expressed pure shock seeing this picture, exclaiming that there was "no way [Muschietti] spoils Reverse Flash like this."

Will Reverse Flash Really Appear in The Flash

Even with plenty of action and adventure to get to in The Flash, it wouldn't come as a huge shock to see the Reverse Flash come into play, especially with alternate timelines and realities being explored.

Harrison Wells portrayed a version of this villain in five separate seasons of The CW's The Flash TV series alongside Grant Gustin, becoming one of the most regular foes for that take on the Scarlet Speedster.

This could also tie back to a rumor that The Flash would actually take one aspect of storytelling from its TV counterpart, although there's no telling if Wells will be the one to play the role on the big screen.

And with how secretive DC Studios is being regarding The Flash's plot, it wouldn't come as too much of a surprise to see Reverse Flash brought into the mayhem before the movie comes to an end.

The Flash will debut in theaters on June 16.

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