The Flash Movie Director Reveals Who Killed Barry's Mom

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The Flash director Andy Muschietti revealed who murdered Barry Allen's mother after the DC movie failed to deliver an answer.

Just as it was in the "Flashpoint" event that inspired the DC blockbuster, the death of Barry Allen's mom, Nora Allen, was central to The Flash, with Ezra Miller's Justice Leaguer causing Multiverse-wide chaos after going back in time to prevent the childhood loss of his maternal parent.

Warning - The rest of this article contains spoilers for The Flash.

The Flash revisited the death of Barry Allen's mother in flashback form, revealing she was stabbed in the chest while her husband Henry Allen was out of the house picking up a can of tomatoes from the grocery store. However, as Barry's father was unable to prove this alibi, he was imprisoned for many years for the murder.

Nora Allen's Killer Revealed by The Flash Director

The Flash, Nora Allen Death

During an interview with The Playlist, The Flash director Andy Muschietti discussed the villains he would look to explore in a potential sequel, and in doing so revealed who murdered Maribel Verdú's Nora Allen (the mother of Ezra Miller's Barry Allen).

Although the killer was never shown on screen, Muschietti has now described Reverse Flash as "the murderer of Barry's mom," even suggesting he would likely be the logical villain for The Flash 2:

“Well, Reverse Flash is the elephant in the room, right? It feels like you can’t make another movie without addressing the one that, in all accounts, is the murderer of Barry’s mom. So, it feels like the big villain."

Reverse Flash

The director continued to share some of his "own favorites" to antagonize Barry Allen in a potential sequel, including The Turtle and Gorilla Grodd:

"I have my own favorites, but that’s another story – I’d like to see The Turtle at some point. The slowest man on Earth. Gorilla Grodd, of course. And many more.”

Why Reverse Flash Wasn't In The Flash Movie

Whether The Flash 2 will ever come to pass remains unclear; a script has reportedly been completed but there's no telling if it will actually be produced as the DCU prepares for a reboot and the Ezra Miller controversy continues.

As Reverse Flash was the one to kill Nora Allen in most comic storylines and The Flash CW show, it's not surprising he would be the killer on the big screen. 

What's less clear is why DC opted to omit Reverse Flash from The Flash, given the blockbuster adapts the famous "Flashpoint" storyline in which he serves as the lead antagonist. Perhaps the decision came in an effort to distance itself from The CW show, which has used Reverse Flash heavily across all of its nine seasons.

To some extent, this revelation does create some confusion regarding The Flash, as the premise of Barry's plot to save his mom from certain death relied on placing a can of tomatoes into her shopping cart so his father wouldn't leave the house to get them later and could therefore prevent her murder somehow.

But now knowing the murderer in question was Reverse Flash, it's less clear how Henry Allen's presence would be able to stop the super-powered speedster from carrying out his plan to kill Barry's mom anyway.

The Flash hits theaters on Friday, June 16.

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