The Flash's Final Arrow Crossover Gets Official Title

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Stephen Amell is set to return as Green Arrow in The Flash's final season, and the Arrowverse actor revealed the title of the upcoming episode he will star in. 

As the Arrowverse comes to an end, The Flash is pulling out all the stops to showcase crossovers with the other shows. One surprising return in Season 9 is Stephen Amell’s Oliver Queen, a character who died during the events of the Crisis of Infinite Earths crossover.

It is unknown how Amell’s Green Arrow will make a comeback, but set photos already spoiled that he is working alongside the Scarlet Speedster, Kid-Flash, and his best friend, John Diggle. 

The Flash Season 9's Arrow Crossover Receives Official Title

Stephen Amell, who portrays the Arrowverse's Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow, officially shared that the title of The Flash Season 9 Episode 9 will be “It’s My Party and I’ll Die If I Want To."

Stephen Amell

The DC actor shared an image of the screener provided to him by The CW,  confirming that he's watching the episode in advance. 

The image also confirmed that the Arrow crossover installment will have a runtime of 42 minutes and 12 seconds. 

Alongside the title confirmation, Amell also revealed a piece of dialogue from Oliver in the episode, telling Grant Gustin's Barry Allen to let go: 

"Ok… Ok… Ok Barry… Barry let go… BARRY LET GO!!!"

A description of The Flash Season 9 Episode 8 may have hinted at how Amell's Oliver Queen will be resurrected since its official synopsis confirmed that Team Flash would be dealing with "time anomalies," meaning that it could be the main reason why the Arrowverse hero is back for one more adventure. 

Why Is Oliver Queen Telling Barry Allen to Let Go?

The Flash's upcoming crossover with Arrow is a grand reunion between the two Arrowverse heroes who started it all: Barry Allen and Oliver Queen. It is quite fitting that it will happen in Grant Gustin's final run as the titular speedster. 

It remains to be seen why the episode is titled as such, but past set photos revealed that Flash and Green Arrow's main adversary in the installment is Bloodwork aka The Flash Season 6's big bad. 

In the Arrowverse, Ramsey Rosso (Bloodwork) is still alive after escaping from ARGUS custody. In fact, his metahuman physiology due to sentient blood gave him the potential to live forever. 

Bloodwork's noble mission of preventing death makes him the perfect foe for Green Arrow in the crossover, considering the former already died. While it's possible that the time anomalies are the main culprit of his comeback, Bloodwork could offer Oliver Queen a chance to be alive again. 

This could lead to plenty of twists involving Barry Allen trying to persuade Oliver to take Bloodwork's offer, resulting in the character's dialogue telling the Flash to let go.

On top of the action-packed moments in the crossover, this would mean another emotional exchange between Oliver and Barry could be in the cards, capping off the friendship between the two Arrowverse heroes.

A new episode of The Flash Season 9 is set to premiere on The CW on Wednesday, March 29.

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