Watch: Green Arrow’s CW Return Teased by New Flash Set Video

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A new set video from The Flash Season 9 may have confirmed which Arrowverse hero Stephen Amell will be portraying in the final season. 

The upcoming final season of the Grant Gustin-led series marks the end of the Arrowverse as fans know it, meaning that The CW is set to bring out the big guns. 

Javicia Leslie will pull double duty as Batwoman and Red Death, while other surprising supervillains from past seasons will also return. 

Moreover, The Flash showrunner Eric Wallace surprised everyone when he announced that Amell would return as Oliver Queen to help Flash with his final mission. However, some are confused if Queen will portray the Green Arrow or if he will return as the Spectre, considering that his character died during Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Now, this question has been answered. 

The Flash Set Video Teases Green Arrow Fight Sequence

Flash and Arrow

As per a set video taken by @CaptCanuck66, Stephen Amell's stunt double is seen doing a stunt as Green Arrow for The Flash Season 9, with him fighting off some thugs.

This video essentially teased that Amell will return as Green Arrow and not Spectre as many have speculated.

Watch the video below:

Set photos also revealed Amell dressed as Oliver Queen:

Canadagraphs, via Patreon, revealed more details about Amell's scene as Oliver Queen. When Canadagraphs pointed out to Amell that "this isn't exactly the wardrobe people were hoping to see you in," the actor noted that they were not done filming yet:

"'The Flash' filmed a rare exterior today.
UNFORTUNATELY it was in the middle of a forest, so all I have for photos, is these pics of them walking to set.

Grant Gustin as Barry Allen, Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen. No superhero wardrobes for this set.

Amell's return as Oliver Queen is confirmed to be set in Episode 9 of The Flash Season 9, with Danielle Panabaker in the director's chair.

How Does Oliver Queen Help the Flash in His Mission?

Stephen Amell's return in his iconic Arrowverse role as the Green Arrow is quite fitting for The Flash Season 9, mainly since Grant Gustin's journey as Barry Allen started in Arrow

Although the set video doesn't offer much plot details, the tease that there will be a fight scene involving Amell's Green Arrow is more than enough reason to speculate.

This means that Oliver's return will be due to time travel, with Barry potentially returning to the past to seek advice from his best friend. In previous Arrowverse seasons, Oliver has been Barry's rock, meaning it would make sense to go to his friend when the tensions are rising. 

One final heartfelt conversation between Barry and Oliver would be perfect to cap off the pair's friendship in the Arrowverse.

The Flash Season 9 is set to premiere on The CW on Wednesday, February 8 at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

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