Here's When The Chosen Season 5 Is Now Expected to Release

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A new filming update for The Chosen offers an idea of when Season 5 might release.

Since the series debut, The Chosen starring Jonathan Roumie has captivated (and surprised) audiences with its relatable and authentic view of Jesus' ministry and a personal look at the lives of his followers. 

With all of Season 4 available to stream and Season 5's production well underway, should fans expect a new batch of episodes in 2024?

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When Will The Chosen Season 5 Release?

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In The Chosen live stream on June 20, series director and showrunner Dallas Jenkins revealed Season 5 has a month and a half left of filming. 

Earlier this year on April 11, Dallas Jenkins announced "day one" of "68 days of filming" had begun in Utah:

"Hey there, it is day one... We are officially commencing day one of 68 days of filming here in beautiful Utah. The set is behind me, we have done our first rehearsal, and we are about to get going."

Following the 60+ day shoot, the series' Season 5 production shifted to the show's Midlothian, Texas facility where, if production remains on schedule, is likely to wrap in August. 

The Chosen Season 4 wrapped filming back in September 2023 before premiering in theaters in February 2024.

If Season 5 follows the same release schedule, new episodes could premiere in theaters as early as January 2025.

What To Expect From The Chosen Season 5

Season 5 of the planned seven-season show is expected to differ from previous chapters in that it focuses on a single week and events leading up to the Crucifixion. 

In a May press conference, Dallas Jenkins discussed one of those events, which will be Judas' betrayal.

According to him, Luke Dimyan's Season 5 performance of Judas has been "heartbreaking" and will be "tough to watch."

The showrunner also shared that new "stage sets" were constructed at The Chosen's Midlothian set for the purpose of Season 5 and beyond:

"So we've got some stage sets that we're building that's going to help us not only in this season and Season 7 and then yes, hopefully, we will get to do more things beyond just this show, and we'll use this set for more than just the period of the Gospels."

Fans are sure to hear more about the new season, and possibly its release date, at ChosenCon in Orlando, Florida from September 20-21.  

Seasons 1-3 of The Chosen are streaming on Disney+, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and Peacock. Season 1 is streaming on Netflix. Season 4 arrives on Amazon Prime Video on Monday, July 1.

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