The Chosen Season 5: Will More Episodes Ever Release?

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As The Chosen continues its groundbreaking run with new episodes dropping in theaters, fans have begun to wonder if and when Season 5 of the faith-based series will be released.

Following the story of Jesus Christ as he garners followers and becomes the messiah figure the Church-going public has come to know him to be, the biblical drama has proven to be a mega-hit. 

Season 4 of the series took to theaters across North America, with new episodes dropping in bunches (see the exact Chosen Season 4 release schedule here). Yet, no confirmation of a potential Season 5 has been made public.

Is The Chosen Season 5 Happening?

Dallas Jenkins on The Chosen series set
The Chosen

The Chosen Season 5 has been talked about, but no official release window has been made public. 

In a video message to fans about Season 4, the Chosen creator Dallas Jenkins let slip that the show has "three more seasons left," further confirming the existence of a Season 5, as well as two more beyond that:

"We must keep spending money that is generated for the next season. As I talk to you right now, we have three more seasons left, along with all the translating, the marketing, and keeping our company going just for this show alone. So, we have done four seasons already, but there is three more to go."

This is in line with previous comments from the showrunner, telling Deadline in October 2023, about his plans beyond a fifth season of the faith-based drama:

"Season 6 and the resurrection will occur in Season 7. Spoiler alert!"

Jenkins has also talked about the potential of tackling the resurrection story in a feature-length film, lending further credence to the hit series getting a Season 5 to bridge the gap to that particular story. 

He previously said, "We're hoping also to potentially do a feature film," but those plans were still "developing:"

"We're hoping also to potentially do a feature film within that whole storyline, so we've got some plans for that that we're developing now."

It would be shocking if Season 5 was not pursued, especially considering the box office success Season 4 has seen in its special theatrical release. 

The fourth season of the faith-based drama has been playing in 2,300 theaters, climbing the box office charts with the series' Season 4 premiere opening to $7.4 million over its first weekend on screens. 

On the significant box office returns the series has been seeing, Chief Executive Officer of Fathom Events (the company that helped make The Chosen's theatrical run happen) Ray Nutt told Box Office Pro that it is a "testament to the power of The Chosen" and the desire for "fans to share in the communal, theatrical experience:"

"We’re thrilled to continue our collaboration with 'The Chosen' team, this time bringing fans the entire fourth season to cinemas before it is available anywhere else. This box office number, paired with the fact this is the largest theater footprint we have ever seen at over 2,300, is a testament to the power of 'The Chosen' and the desire of fans to share in the communal, theatrical experience."

What Will Happen in The Chosen Season 5?

With it being made clear that Seasons 6 and 7 of The Chosen will eventually tell the biblical story of Jesus's death and resurrection, there are some indications of what Season 5 could tackle narratively should it be given the green light. 

So far in the series, audiences have followed Jonathan Roumie's Jesus Christ as he builds a devoted following and spreads his gospel far and wide. 

However, with the character's death (and inevitable resurrection) on the horizon, things are sure to get a bit more rocky than they have been leading up to this point. 

Jesus and his disciples have come up against some resistance during The Chosen's Seasons 1-4, but that is seemingly going to be ratcheted in Season 5 leading into events that precede the character's crucifixion. 

This will likely include the laying of the seeds for Judas's betrayal of Jesus, as one of his disciples turns on him. 

Judas's turn is one of the biggest moments of the story of Jesus, and now is the time to start weaving those threads of doubt into the character's motivations even more than has been seen already in the series. 

The rest of Season 5 will likely focus on Jesus as he continues to work his miracles, enough to turn the heads of his enemies and start the campaign against the messiah figure. 

That means there will be plenty more moments of healing the sick, turning water into wine, and feeding the hungry. 

The Chosen Season 5 has no official release timing. 

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