Disney Accidentally Spoils The Acolyte's Big Villain Twist In New Trailer

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Jedi Padawan Jecki Lon (Dafne Keen) in The Acolyte

The identity of The Acolyte's Star Wars villain isn't a surprise anymore.

Set to premiere with two episodes on June 4, The Acolyte is Lucasfilm's latest live-action Disney+ series which follows a Jedi Master who crosses paths with his former padwan while investigating a series of crimes during the High Republic.

Previous promos have offered glimpses of the show's mysterious antagonist, but a new trailer just spoiled the villain's identity ahead of time.

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The Acolyte's Villain Twist Revealed

The latest trailer for The Acolyte (uploaded on both X and YouTube) included subtitles that "spoiled" one of the show's big twists. 

At the 0:20 mark, Amandla Stenberg, who's confirmed to be playing Mae and the former padawan of Lee Jung-jae's Master Sol, can be heard saying, "I didn't do it."

However, her voice was accompanied by a now-removed subtitle description crediting the character speaking as "Osha," not Mae.

The Acolyte subtitle for Amandla Stenberg's Osha

Fans have speculated for months that Stenberg may be playing two characters in the series, specifically twins, and this subtitle description seemingly confirms it. 

If true, audiences can likely expect Stenberg's Osha to be the twin trained by the Jedi and now denying her role in this string of crimes.

Meanwhile, Mae is the other twin who was likely trained by the Sith.

As further proof of the twist, The Acolyte's official poster actually shows Stenberg's face twice, which is now assumed to be for Mae and Osha.

The Acolyte's Disney+ poster
Star Wars

The full trailer can be seen below:

More Villain Twists Await in The Acolyte?

Since The Acolyte is described as a crime drama and mystery thriller, and if Amandla Stenberg is truly playing two characters, Star Wars fans can only hope the show has another twist in store. 

Fortunately, there's a good chance of that. 

During the High Republic, the Sith are believed to be defeated; but as The Acolyte will show, they're actually in hiding and following the Sith "Rule of Two." 

Therefore, if Amandla Stenberg's Mae is a Sith padawan, the question fans should be asking now is who recruited her and who is her master? 

The first two episodes of The Acolyte premieres on Tuesday, June 4 on Disney+.

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