The Mandalorian: Star Wars Releases 8 International Posters For Season 2 Debut

By Richard Nebens Updated:
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After nearly a year of waiting, most of it through a worldwide pandemic, the time has finally arrived for brand new Star Wars content to arrive as Season 2 of The Mandalorian inches closer. The weeks leading up to its release have had fans more excited than ever, especially after the 2020 Emmys brought the show's initial season such praise and critical success.

The social media outlets for both Disney and Star Wars have been all over the highly anticipated Season 2 in recent days and weeks, simply adding to the hype of the first brand new content after such a long wait this year.

A brand new release added to this excitement, with new posters for fans all over the world who only have to wait less than 24 hours for the show to make its glorious return.


The official Twitter page for The Mandalorian released eight brand new posters in seven different languages teasing the release of the series' second season releasing on Disney+. All eight posters can be seen below in four tweets, all including some variation of the show's classic line "This is the way:"

Two posters in English and Portuguese


Two posters in French and Spanish


Two posters in Japanese and German


Two posters in Spanish and Italian


These posters don't reveal any brand new information for The Mandalorian, but it does keep this new release fresh in the minds of a Star Wars fan base that's absolutely rabid for never-before-seen content to enjoy. The last couple of weeks have been filled with social media posts showcasing recaps of the series' first season, shorter versions of the trailers for Season 2, teases for new merchandise, and looks at the shows biggest characters like Pedro Pascal's masked hero and especially Baby Yoda/The Child.

After winning seven Emmy awards in 2020 and earning fifteen nominations, The Mandalorian has turned out to be one of Star Wars' most overwhelming success stories across the board. It was renewed for a second season before Season 1 had even finished, and work is already going into the early stages for Season 3 before new episodes start premiering. As for the fan base, it's simply an amazing feeling to have new content to look forward to once again.

The Mandalorian Season 2's first episode premieres on Disney+ October 30 at midnight Pacific Standard Time.

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