Disney+ Promotes The Mandalorian Season 2 & Baby Yoda With London Portrait Gallery Painting

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To say that The Mandalorian is extremely popular would be the understatement of the century. The series debuted early last November, and the reception has taken the show to heights unknown. Not only has the series been a hit for Star Wars diehards, but casuals and those who aren't even fans of the franchise have latched onto Mando's story.

Baby Yoda became an instant global phenomenon when the hover pram opened in Chapter 1 and revealed those long, green ears. While members of the show's cast and crew could see the little star of the show would be a hit, certainly nobody thought The Child would be getting recognition of such high magnitudes. Yet, some of the greatest institutions have taken note of the unlikely pair carrying the show, including one of the U.K.'s finest art galleries...


The National Portrait Gallery has revealed via Variety that The Unit gallery in London is adding a new Star Wars-inspired piece to its walls, titled "The Mandalorian and the Child". The oil painting, based on a moment from Chapter 4: Sanctuary , can be seen below:

Mando, Child Painting
Via National Portrait Gallery

The painting will officially be unveiled October 30-31, right in time for the premiere of Season 2. Additionally, the display will feature original concept art from the series.


Mando and Baby Yoda have made it big! That's not to say that they weren't already sensations before, but to receive the oil painting treatment from what's said to be one of the U.K.'s most prominent art galleries is a pretty big deal.

The artwork itself is absolutely outstanding. The moment depicted happens immediately after the Razor Crest lands on Sorgan, and we can clearly see Baby Yoda has his sights set on his new favorite toy. The reflections in Mando's shiny beskar armor look stunning, adding flair to what looks like a very graceful piece.

This apparently isn't the first time prominent figures from Star Wars have been featured in the National Portrait Gallery. Sir Alec Guiness and Felicity Jones, among others, have also had facial portraits displayed among the walls, so Mando and The Child are in pretty good company. The painting is just another stop in the duo's journey, as they'll continue to endear audiences when The Mandalorian returns on Friday!

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