Star Wars: The Acolyte Disney+ Show to Get New Announcements ‘Very Soon’

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A new Star Wars star shared when fans can expect news about Lucasfilm's upcoming Sith series on Disney+

Lucasfilm has a number of streaming shows in the works, such as Ahsoka, Skeleton Crew, Andor Season 2, and The Acolyte

Slated to release in 2024, The Acolyte is a departure from its Star Wars Disney+ counterparts in that it's set in the final days of the High Republic with intentions of exploring the dark side of the Force.

Apart from cast announcements, The Acolyte is currently as much of a mystery to audiences as the dark side is to its characters. However, according to the show's leading star, that's all about to change. 

When to Expect Star Wars: The Acolyte Announcements 

On Instagram, The Acolyte's Amandla Stenberg not only posted photos of the Star Wars series cast but also a hint about upcoming news. 

AmandlaStenberg Acolyte

In Stenberg's caption, she claims that "we'll be sharing more from The Acolyte very soon:"

"my star wars stunt family the patience and love they have shown me while I grow into a stunt actor has been immeasurable we'll be sharing more from 'The Acolyte' very soon"

AmandlaStenberg Acolyte

What happens to be "very soon" is Star Wars Celebration in London which kicks off on Friday, April 7.

The fact Stenberg says that "we'll be sharing" suggests she and the cast will be attending Celebration and likely be present at the Lucasfilm Studio Showcase (Friday at 6:00 am ET) for updates on The Acolyte, as well as the studio's other upcoming projects.

It's also worth noting that the official Star Wars Instagram account commented "For light and life" on the actress' post, a phrase familiar to Star Wars' High Republic books

Also, Stenberg's The Acolyte co-star, Dafne Keen, commented as well, with her first reading "What a cute pic" and the second "Slay churri!"

Why The Acolyte Needs Star Wars Celebration

Since the Disney+ series is in the midst of production, The Acolyte team should have plenty of new details and updates to share with Star Wars audiences. 

It's also possible that attendees see a few new stills and even a possible teaser. 

Since The Acolyte is set in a time period previously unexplored on-screen, and because of how different the series appears to be, it's in Lucasfilm's best interest to share what it can to create interest and build anticipation. 

Perhaps the team's presence at Celebration will shed new light on the significance of Star Wars and Keene's comments to Stenberg's Instagram post as well.

Overall, it sounds like The Acolyte and its cast have something in store this Friday at Star Wars Celebration. 

The Acolyte is expected to debut on Disney+ in 2024. 

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