Star Wars’ Next Animated Show Confirms Disney+ Release Date

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Star Wars Tales of Jedi

Animation continues to be a central figure in the Star Wars franchise. Not only have shows like The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels become increasingly important to Star Wars live-action content, but Lucasfilm has multiple animated projects in the pipeline. Along with The Bad Batch Season 2 and the next chapter of Visions, Lucasfilm also announced a new animated show called Tales of the Jedi at Star Wars Celebration this past May. 

The show will be a six-episode animated anthology series of shorts coming to Disney+. The animation design for the project resembled that of the The Clone Wars Season 7 and The Bad Batch

Fans at Star Wars Celebration received a first glimpse at the upcoming series, but nothing was released publicly at the time. Now, the official release date and trailer are finally here.

Tales of the Jedi Confirmed for October Disney+ Release

Lucasfilm officially confirmed that all six episodes of Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi will release on October 26.

Along with the confirmed Disney+ release date, Lucasfilm also unveiled the first official trailer for the upcoming show. The footage revealed a glimpse of the fan-favorite character, Yaddle, facing off against Count Dooku using a similar fighting-style as Yoda.

Yaddle, Tales of the Jedi
Star Wars

The trailer also gave the audience a look at a younger Count Dooku and Mace Windu fighting together, when Dooku was still a Jedi master.

Young Count Dooku, Mace Windu, Tales of the Jedi
Star Wars

Another key figure in the footage was a mysterious Inquisitor. The Sith-like being appears to be holding someone captive and sports a double-bladed red lightsaber, a traditional weapon for Inquisitors.

Sith Inquisitor, Tales of the Jedi
Star Wars

The Inquisitor seems to be facing off against Ahsoka Tano amidst the flames.

Ahsoka Tano, Tales of the Jedi
Star Wars

The full trailer can be viewed below: 


How Will Clone Wars' Legacy Live on in Tales of the Jedi?

Star Wars is clearly not done exploring the prequel era and Ahsoka Tano's character arc during the Clone Wars. When The Clone Wars was first canceled back in 2013, it was evident that Dave Filoni and co. still had stories they wanted to tell. And ever since Season 7 of the series finally dropped on Disney+, they've had the opportunity to do just that.

The six-episode format will be divided into two stories: one centered around Ahsoka's journey from an infant to a Jedi padawan and another focused on Count Dooku's time as a Jedi. But the trailer highlights that these "two stories of fate" share "one destiny."

This likely alludes to the fact that both Dooku and Ahsoka play integral parts in the Clone Wars, with everything leading up to Order 66 and Darth Sidious gaining control of the galaxy. Dooku even makes mention of his warning about "the coming darkness." 

It also emphasizes similarities in each of their respective journeys, as both eventually come to terms with their philosophical differences from the Jedi. The show is certainly planting seeds of Dooku's abandoning of the Jedi Order. This may culminate in a face-off with Yaddle, as seen in the footage.

Based on this trailer, Tales of the Jedi promises to build on the foundation of George Lucas' ideas laid in the prequel trilogy and The Clone Wars. With plenty of lightsaber action and intriguing mysteries, fans will certainly need to check out this show on October 26, exclusively on Disney+.

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