Star Wars: Lucasfilm Hires Detective Pikachu Writers for Mystery Project

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A new report seems to suggest that the writers of Detective Pikachu are working on a Star Wars project for Lucasfilm and Disney.

Ever since The Mandalorian, Star Wars content has exploded in the streaming world. While there may not be any recent movies, last year alone was home to three different series on Disney+: The Book of Boba Fett, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Andor.

This year will bring just as many, with several more already in production.

A recent rumor even revealed that yet another spinoff show is in development, hiding under the code name of "Ghost Track 17"—maybe the rumored Ezra Bridger show or even one focused on the villainous Thrawn?

But could the writers for this new show have just been revealed? At the very least, it seems clear that Lucasfilm has indeed hired more talent for its ever-expanding Star Wars Universe.

New Writers Enter the Star Wars Universe

A new report from Deadline revealed two new writers who are working on a mystery project for Lucasfilm.

While sharing that Dan Hernandez and Ben Samit are writing a movie based on Disney's Figment character, the site also revealed the former Detective Pikachu writers are working on unannounced projects with both Lucasfilm and Walt Disney Pictures.

While they never explicitly state that it's Star Wars related, there's evidence heavily suggesting the two are very much working in a galaxy far, far away.

For one, it's clear that Hernandez is s big Star Wars fan. A tweet from all the way back in May of 2021+ had the writer celebrating on Twitter over getting a "Special Thanks" in the credits of a Star Wars project:

The "Special Thanks" credit was given at the end of LEGO Star Wars Summer Vacations and LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special to both Hernandez and Samit—something that's been celebrated on multiple occasions.

Even further back, in 2019, the writer proudly showed off his Star Wars collection that he was sure would make some people "insane with jealousy:"

When The Mandalorian first premiered, Hernandez claimed that "[he] just didn't see how [the show] could be better:"

"I just don't see how The Mandalorian could be better. This is the kind of Star Wars story I've wanted to see for decades. I am so envious of the talent of everyone involved in pulling this off. Jon Favreau the writing is breathtaking. MAN IT IS SO GOOD."

Both he and Samit even attended a 21-hour-long Star Wars marathon of the first seven films in 2015:

What Star Wars Project Could Detective Pikachu's Writers Be Making?

Fans will likely enjoy how passionate these two writers are when it comes to Star Wars itself. In theory, traits like that can easily translate into a final project which ends up clearly bursting with love and passion for the franchise.

Though, it's definitely not needed—Tony Gilroy, the man behind the recent critically acclaimed Andor and the feature film Rogue One, admitted at one point how he was never the biggest fan of Star Wars.

As for what Hernandez and Samit are working on specifically, there's a plethora of options. It could be the newly discovered MandoVerse spin-off series "Ghost Track 17", or it could be any of the many movies in development over at Lucasfilm—even, surprisingly, Patty Jenkins' Rogue Squadron

The latest live-action Star Wars project, Andor, is now streaming on Disney+, as is the currently airing animated show The Bad Batch.

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