Star Wars: Disney+ Hires Intimacy Coordinator for Upcoming Show

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Han Solo and Leia about to kiss

The hiring of an intimacy coordinator may tease some romance set for Disney+'s The Acolyte

The upcoming Star Wars series will take a deeper look at the dark side of the Force, showcasing a time in the franchise never-before-seen in live-action.

A full release for The Acolyte is still a ways away, but fans are quickly learning more and more about the project.

Recently uncovered information may have revealed the planned runtimes for the series' eight episodes, and newly-released set photos hint at where this intergalactic story could be going. 

Star Wars' The Acolyte Could Get Steamy

Tha Acolyte
Star Wars

It has been revealed that Adelaide Waldrop has been hired as the Lead Intimacy Coordinator on Disney+'s The Acolyte, potentially indicating that a romantic subplot will be present in the Star Wars streaming series. 

The info came as a part of Waldrop's list of projects on her agency's website.

Despite what some may think about an intimacy coordinator being brought onto a project, this does not necessarily mean sex will be depicted on-screen. Someone like Waldrop is needed on set even for kissing. 

An intimacy coordinator is brought on a series or movie to help choreograph and coach talent through scenes of romantic interaction, ensuring the well-being of actors during these sequences.

Fans made a similar mistake last year during the production of The Rings of Power when an intimacy coordinator was hired, and many thought this meant the Amazon Prime series was set to include sexual acts on-screen. That was not the case, as only kissing ever made it into the streaming series.

A Forbidden Romance in The Acolyte?

While the inclusion of an intimacy coordinator is not anything to bat an eye at in most Hollywood productions, it brings up an interesting point in The Acolyte.

The series is set to be highly Jedi-focused, showing the protectors of the galaxy at the tail-end of their height of power. And - as fans know - Jedi are not actually allowed to have romantic attachments. 

This was a key plot point of the prequel trilogy which saw Hayden Christensen's Anakin Skywalker and Natalie Portman's Padme Amidala partake in a forbidden Jedi romance. 

Perhaps The Acolyte will venture into familiar territory, with a Jedi having to pick between the one they love and the Jedi Order. 

With the series taking a deeper look at the Sith side of things, maybe this forbidden romance will be the thing that causes a character to flip to the dark side. Or could a romantic relationship possibly spawn between and Jedi Knight and a Sith Lord? 

At this point, anything is possible, as details on the streaming show remain scarce. 

The Acolyte is in the midst of production, with a release seemingly set for some time in 2024. 

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