Star Wars’ Captain Rex Just Made His Live-Action Debut (Photos)

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Star Wars Captain Rex

Star Wars’ Captain Rex just made his first appearance in live-action thanks to Disney+'s Ahsoka series.

Captain Rex first made his appearance as part of Anakin Skywalker’s 501st Legion of clone troopers in the Clone Wars animated series.

By the end of that show, both he and Ahsoka Tano had become much closer through their shared experiences on the battlefield.

After the events of Order 66, in which the two survived together, they parted ways for a time. Their paths briefly crossed once again in Season 2 of Star Wars Rebels.

While fans don’t know what Captain Rex is up to during the New Republic’s reign following Return of the Jedi, he is alive at the very least since the veteran is known to have fought and survived the Battle of Endor.

Captain Rex, Welcome to Live-Action

This article contains spoilers for Ahsoka Episode 5.

Fans were wondering when Captain Rex would make his live-action debut for a long time, and thanks to Ahsoka’s fifth episode, it‘s finally here.

The character is glimpsed while wearing the armor seen in The Clone Wars final season, as Ahsoka leads the 332nd Company into battle on Mandalore.

Clone Wars, Star Wars, Captain Rex

The moment takes place during Ahsoka Tano’s Force vision (or otherworldly experience), where a younger version of the hero is fighting her way through the chaos on Mandalore.

Ahsoka, Captain Rex

Lucasfilm was even able to get Temuera Morrison to voice a single line for the occasion, as Rex briefly interacts with Ahsoka: “Nice work commander. We’ll secure the perimeter.

Captain Rex, Ahsoka

Assuming those moments Ahsoka experienced were real-life events that played out in her actual life, then it would have taken place not long before the duo finds themselves aboard a spaceship when Order 66 is given.

Clone Wars, Star Wars, Ahsoka, Captain Rex

When Will Captain Rex Return?

Fans have been wondering for quite a while when Captain Rex would show up, and many likely didn’t anticipate his first appearance to be part of a Clone Wars flashback.

But, now the next question is: when will Temuera Morrison return to actually embody the character in a meatier role? He’d no doubt love to help out against the rising threat of Thrawn and the Remnants of the Empire.

Sadly, it doesn’t look like Ahsoka will have much time to offer Rex. It seems the rest of the Season will likely focus on Ahsoka and Sabine’s arrival in a new Galaxy and reuniting with both Ezra and Thrawn.

Captain Rex would be a perfect choice to come aboard if Ahsoka gets a second season. Perhaps Captain Rex could even bring Zeb along with him so they can both be reunited with their former teammates.

Ahsoka is now streaming on Disney+.

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