Spider-Verse 2: Sony Just Changed Oscar Isaac's Miguel O'Hara Line Delivery on Home Release Version

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Spider-Verse 2 Oscar Isaac Miguel O'Hara

Adding to the list of changes Sony made to Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse's home release, fans spotted a subtle alteration to one of Oscar Isaac's lines as Spider-Man 2099. 

Spider-Verse 2 has become quite the object of fascination since its digital and physical release, as eagle-eyed web-heads started picking out small differences between the theatrical version and the one that made it into their homes.

These have come in the form of entire scene changes to minute alterations being made to lines.

It remains unknown exactly why these changes were made, but many have attributed it to just how "last-minute" the theatrical cut came together.

One Spider-Verse 2 Line Change for Oscar Isaac

Oscar Isaac Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse Canon Event Explanation
Sony Pictures Animation

The latest change to be found in the home release for Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse sees an alternate take being used for a line from Oscar Isaac's web-slinging antihero. 

This change sees Isaac's Miguel O'Hara (aka Spider-Man 2099) sporting a slightly different intonation during his explanation of canon events to Miles Morales

Miguel O'Hara Oscar Isaac Spider-Verse 2
Sony Pictures Animation

In the new version of Miguel's recount of how he lost his daughter, audiences hear Isaac's voice break a tad on the line "I found a world where I had a family," offering even more anguish in his performance to what was there before:

"Because I broke it one myself. I found a world where I had a family. Where I was happy. At least a version of me was."

The theatrical reading of the line still held emotional weight, but it lacked the vulnerability that the altered take does. 

For a comparison of the two lines see the video below:

Do These Changes Matter to Spider-Verse 2?

As is the case with nearly every one of these alterations that have come to light thus far, fans of Spider-Verse 2 are likely going to look at this line change and wonder - ”Why the heck did Sony even bother?”

Each of these home release differences has been fairly minute, changing the way something is said to making minor adjustments to character actions in the background. 

And ultimately, watching Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse remains mostly the same experience as it was in theaters, despite all of the differences found in the at-home release. 

The reason behind the changes likely has to do with how hot the Spidey-centric sequel came into theaters

Much has been made about how intensive the production process for Spider-Verse 2 was. While the studio got a movie into theaters on time for its June release, it may not have 100% been the cut the Across the Spider-Verse 2 creative team wanted. 

Maybe all of these changes would have been made to the theatrical version if the people behind it had an extra six months to work on the wall-crawling epic. 

Judging from the fact that there were even updates being made to the film as it was showing in theaters, it feels like that is most likely the case. 

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse is available of digital and physical purchase now. 

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June 02, 2023
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