Tom Holland Reveals Spider-Man Is Heading to College In the MCU

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Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures have the MCU fandom on pins and needles waiting for the theatrical release of Tom Holland's Spider-Man: No Way Home, which is mere days away from arriving. The threequel's promotional tour is kicking into high gear as its cast and crew tease what's coming in interviews and press releases, which only continues building the hype that's existed for more than a year.

No Way Home is set to deliver arguably the most ambitious solo movie in MCU history thanks to appearances by at least five villains from past Spider-Man movies, which is just the start of the madness. Combine this mind-blowing story with Peter Parker having to deal with his identity crisis from the end of Spider-Man: Far From Home, and the stage is set for something truly monumental.

Possibly even more exciting than this movie itself is the fact that Sony and Marvel are far from done telling Spider-Man stories within the MCU. Holland even referenced that fact in the latest tease for his third solo movie as he gave MCU fans a hint of what's coming in the near and distant future.

Tom Holland Teases College Spider-Man

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In a video appearance at the CCXP Comic-Con in Brazil, via YouTube, Spider-Man: No Way Home star Tom Holland offered fans an exciting glimpse into what's coming in his third MCU solo outing.

Specifically touching on No Way Home, Holland added onto the excitement that's already built by telling fans that there are things in the movie that have "never (been) seen before":

"I know people say this a lot, but I mean it when I say that you’re gonna see things in this movie that you’ve never, ever seen before. I’m talking about pumpkin bombs, sandstorms, the Multiverse, which, ok, you might have seen them before, but I promise, not like this and not together."

He then teased Peter Parker's future in the MCU after No Way Home by confirming that the young man "is finally heading off to college" in a world that "knows that he is Spider-Man." This comes as the first sign of confirmation that the web-slinger's MCU journey will continue in a big way:

"Also, Peter Parker is finally heading off to college, and the word is out. So yeah, everyone knows that he is Spider-Man. So throw your fan theories out the window, they’re probably not true. Or are they? And get ready to see one of the most ambitious films we’ve ever made. An incredible story with lots of heart, laughter, high-flying action, mind-blowing effects, and some insane villains. No Way Home is the culmination of the Homecoming trilogy and the start of a Multiverse of possibilities."

College Peter Parker On The Way

Peter Parker's time in the MCU has exclusively featured the young hero in high school, which was an intentional choice on Marvel and Sony's part to differentiate the movies from past live action series. Still, it's exciting to know that Tom Holland's teenager is set to take that next step in his MCU journey after tackling a Multiverse of challenges.

Tobey Maguire's Spider-Man graduated high school less than halfway into his first solo movie from Sam Raimi, while Andrew Garfield's web-slinger started his college adventures in the middle of The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Due to Holland's hero gaining powers earlier than his predecessors, he will have a full and complete trilogy of movies under his belt before getting his high-school diploma, which doesn't even count his team-up efforts.

While the production timeline is unclear, Holland's Spidey will likely find himself as a college freshman in the recently-confirmed Spider-Man 4, which will make him the second MCU hero after Thor to get four solo movies. With as many as three more solo movies confirmed in the next few years, the web-slinger's college journey has the chance to be just as enthralling as his time at Midtown Tech.

For now, fans are eagerly waiting for Spider-Man: No Way Home, which will swing into theaters on December 17, 2021.

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