New Spider-Man: No Way Home Art Reveals Best Look Yet at Newest Costume

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Spider-Man: No Way Home new suit Concept art

Spider-Man: No Way Home's ending delivered a major shift for Tom Holland's MCU hero. After the Multiverse-shattering ramifications of Peter Parker's magical meddling, the young Marvel hero decided to make the ultimate sacrifice by letting Doctor Strange cast a new spell to let everyone forget his identity. This results in a fresh start for Peter, meaning that he has a clean slate moving forward. 

No Way Home's ending showed Peter a brand new costume, a comic-accurate blue-and-red suit. The film's official script confirmed that the costume was inspired by Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield's respective costumes, with it saying that it's "new for him, but reminiscent of suits he's seen before."

In a previous interview, No Way Home's writers shared more interesting tidbits about the new costume. Chris McKenna pointed out that Peter's new apartment at the end of the movie conveys the fact that "he's made his own suit," while also saying that these visuals imply that "this is a different Peter and a different Spider-Man than we've seen before."

Now, ahead of the film's digital release, the best look yet at the new costume has been unveiled. 

A Detailed Look at Tom Holland's New MCU Costume 

Longtime Marvel Studios concept artist Ryan Meinerding shared new concept art from Spider-Man: No Way Home, showcasing a detailed look at Tom Holland's new costume that debuted at the end of the threequel. 

No Way Home's final Spidey suit is shown in its full glory in this latest promotional art: 

Spidey Suit NWH
Ryan Meinerding

The suit's comic-accurate design is front and center in the new image, with the red-and-blue color scheme present along with a new Spidey symbol:

Tom Holland as Spider-Man, Ryan Meinerding Art
Ryan Meinerding

Based on the image, it seems that the usual design of Holland's Spider-Man mask has been retained: 

Tom Holland as Spider-Man, Ryan Meinerding Art
Ryan Meinerding

For comparison, here's the best look yet at the in-universe debut of Holland's new costume at the end of the movie: 

Tom Holland as Spider-Man
Sony Pictures


Spider-Man's New Suit Unveils Peter's Fresh Start 

Based on social media reactions, the brief glimpse at Tom Holland's new MCU costume at the end of No Way Home was well-received by fans. Given that the film has yet to be released on digital platforms, Ryan Meinerding's latest detailed reveal of Peter's new suit should allow fans to uncover new tidbits and potential Easter eggs about the costume. 

By looking closely, the new Spider-emblem of the costume appears to be similar to Tobey Maguire's suit, but it seems that the base of the spider is close to Holland's Civil War garb. This helps to show how Peter is trying to honor his fellow web-slingers while still keeping his own touch at his fresh start. 

It is unknown if the costume's eyes will have technological features similar to Peter's previous MCU suits. However, given that the costume retains the same shape and design as its predecessors, there's a chance that Peter managed to keep the same feature, especially considering how useful it was in his first few years as a web-crawler. 

The blue and red colors of the costume also stand out in this official concept art, thus giving it a more comic-book feel. 

It remains to be seen when Peter's new costume will be featured again in the MCU, mainly because Spider-Man 4 could still be years away. Still, the upcoming digital release could offer another sneak peek, much to the delight of fans everywhere. 

Spider-Man: No Way Home is still playing in theaters worldwide. 

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