Spider-Man: No Way Home Writers Address New Suit Mystery

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Spider-Man No Way Home new suit

With every new superhero film and their subsequent sequels, there's something besides the hero's abilities and their adversary that fans always want to know, and that, of course, is the look of their suit. For years, audiences were eager to see what Iron Man's latest Mark model suit's capabilities would be; and recently, fans have been buzzing about Thor's new, surprising look and the design of the costume for Moon Knight. But it's tough to deny that Spider-Man: No Way Home took superhero threads to a new level with a whopping five Spidey suits for the film's titular hero

In addition to Tom Holland's Spider-Man wearing his red and black Far From Home suit and his Iron Spider garb from Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame in No Way Home, he also wore a black and gold suit - which was his black and red costume turned inside out. Then, later on, nanotech combined with that same black and red suit to create a whole new Integrated Suit

The real highlight of these various wardrobe changes has to be Peter Parker's reflective blue and red look, which is only seen in action at the end of the film. While it's been widely hailed as one of the best yet, fans have questions about this new design that Spider-Man: No Way Home's writers are now beginning to address.

No Way Home Writers Comment on Spider-Man's New Suit

Spider-Man, Iron Man

In an interview with IGNSpider-Man: No Way Home writers Erik Sommers and Chris McKenna were asked about Peter Parker's new blue Spidey suit and whether it has features or gadgets due to the MCU's tradition of Stark Tech-designed Spider-Man suits thus far. 

According to McKenna, the sewing machine seen in Peter's new apartment conveys the fact that "he's made his own suit;" but even more so, to the writer, these visuals imply that "this is a different Peter and a different Spider-Man than we've seen before:"

"Super sparkles. I love that blue that they chose. I mean, it's right out of the comic books; it's amazing. No, I mean, you see a sewing machine on the table and so you know he's made his own suit; but, you know, I think everything that's implied in that to me says this is a different Peter and a different Spider-Man than we've seen before."

Sommers' comments supported that of McKenna's; but he also left room for possibilities and speculation, saying, "But maybe Peter's got something stashed away somewhere and it's full of gadgets. Who knows?"

"We really like the idea of Peter moving into a new phase of his life where he doesn't necessarily have the help of a Tony Stark and all the access to all that technology and all of these things, so time will tell exactly what's in that suit. But I think people can look forward to a different kind of suit and a different level of technology, but maybe Peter's got something stashed away somewhere and it's full of gadgets. Who knows?"

New Suit, New Spidey, & New Tech?

Even though Sommers and McKenna wrote Spider-Man: No Way Home, that doesn't mean they call the shots or are privy to what comes next.

The writing duo said as much in another recent interview about Venom's future in the Marvel Cinematic Universe due to the glob of black symbiote goo Eddie Brock left in the MCU at the end of the film. 

While Sommers admitted that the scene left the door open for "possibilities," McKenna also made it clear that they're "not the masters of [the] course of that next adventure." They may create opportunities, but that doesn't mean the elements of a scene will be used in the way that they or the audience expect.

This appears to be the norm at Marvel Studios, where directors and writers are given a single story or project to focus on, with a surprising balance of freedom and limited knowledge about what else is in the works. Meanwhile, only Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige and his team truly know how all the pieces of the puzzle will come together. 

In terms of what the future holds for Holland's web-slinger, that remains to be seen; but regardless, McKenna and Sommers' scene showcasing this Peter Parker's new suit serves as both the perfect ending and beginning. 

Like the two screenwriters explained, his new suit represents this new phase of his life where he has to rely on himself and be his own hero. At the same time, the suit is a tribute to Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire's Spider-Men, as well as Tony Stark's lesson that if you're nothing without the suit, then you shouldn't have it.

In fact, Peter having to make his own suit mirrors Tony constructing his first Iron Man suit without the aid of his money or tech. 

Still yet, as McKenna and Sommers did with the Venom, the door is open for possibilities. While neither the studio nor the writing team will want to undo Peter having to handmade his suit, maybe audiences will find that Peter developed some tech and gadgets himself considering his experience working with Stark Tech in Far From Home and No Way Home

Only time will tell; however, for now, fans are eager to see this suit again when Spider-Man: No Way Home becomes available for home release

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