Spider-Man 3: Tom Holland's New Costume Revealed In Official MCU Promo Art

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With Marvel's first three Disney+ shows, Marvel's fourth phase of storytelling has gotten off to a crazy start. With WandaVision potentially being the catalyst for the multiverse, right behind the happenings in Loki, the future of the MCU looks to be going in a crazy direction.

Case in point: Spider-Man: No Way Home. A film that is easily one of the most anticipated for many fans and whose hype for the inevitable trailer is close to reaching that of Avengers: Endgame's. Part of what makes Spider-Man's next adventure so exciting is all the rumors attached to it.

It has been officially announced that Doctor Strange is set to make a key appearance in the film—and with that comes the many whispers about a multiverse element to the film. Such as Sam Raimi's Doc Ock returning to terrorize Tom Holland's web-slinger. 

So, of course, if Sam Raimi's Doc Ock is coming back, that must mean there's a very real chance for someone such as Tobey Maguire to reprise his famous role as well. And that's just what all the rumors would have everyone believe. But is it true?

It's certainly a question on everybody's mind. Sadly, there isn't an answer to that out there yet—but instead, fans can take a look at the first real images of Tom Holland's brand new Spidey suit in the upcoming sequel.


Thanks to a newly revealed LEGO set from Spider-Man: No Way Home, a look at Spidey's brand-new suit has been revealed.


This gives fans a pretty clear look at what seems to be one of Tom Holland's main new suits in the upcoming film. It seems lots of the design language from his suit in Spider-Man: Far From Home has been retained while adding back the full body golden Spider logo on his front—also make note of the red webbing seen on his hand.

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This is a clear look at the minifig for the costume. On top of the details spotted above, some new designs on his legs can be seen, including additional golden detailing.

There has also leaked concept art, giving fans the clearest look yet at Tom Holland's full suit. The images can be seen below thanks to Twitter user @DjusYT.



What's immediately noteworthy about his new suit is how it doesn't have much new or original in it—it's simply a hybrid of Spidey's suits from Avengers: Infinity War/Endgame and Spider-Man: Far From Home. That's far from a bad thing, however. The suit looks sleek and is certainly worthy of joining the heroes' many famous get-ups.

The real question is if fans can expect any more original suits. Throughout his previous films, Holland has always ended up wearing even his previous iterations. For example, in Spider-Man: Far From Home, every MCU design that the character has is worn at some point or another.

If he keeps up that trend, it could be a lot to juggle. Personally, though, there can never be enough Spider-Man suits. So honestly, bring on as many as you'd like, Marvel.

Though, if the rumors of Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield are true, it's hard not to wonder what their Spidey suits will look like. Will they wear their original outfits, or sport entirely new designs? Will they even be in the movie? So many questions, ones that, sadly, fans will have to wait for their answers.

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