Spider-Man: No Way Home Reveals New High-Res Photos of Andrew Garfield

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Spider-Man No Way Home Andrew Garfield return

While Marvel Studios is set for a huge year in 2022, the end of 2021 remains in the spotlight thanks to Spider-Man: No Way Home. With the sixth-highest box-office return of all time and rave reviews, Tom Holland's solo threequel is still one of the biggest movies in the world. Of course, bringing back Andrew Garfield, Tobey Maguire, and five of their villains helps in that regard.

While Holland and Maguire contributed to this movie's mega-blockbuster status, Garfield finally has the genuine opportunity to enjoy the Spidey spotlight.

He and Maguire were the subject of rumors for the better part of a year for No Way Home, and Garfield did his best to keep his appearance a secret that entire time. After denying his return as Spider-Man seemingly on a weekly basis for about six months, his appearance in No Way Home turned into one of the biggest MCU moments of the year, if not ever.

Now, as the Spider-Man threequel prepares for its home release, fans are taking the opportunity to celebrate what the movie delivered, especially its more high-octane moments. In the latest round of marketing for the MCU's third Spidey solo flick, Garfield's highly-anticipated MCU debut became one of those celebrated moments.

Andrew Garfield's MCU Debut as Spider-Man

The official Twitter page for Spider-Man: No Way Home released two official screenshots featuring Andrew Garfield's return as Peter Parker/Spider-Man.

After Ned Leeds opened up a portal looking for Tom Holland's Spidey, he and MJ called out to him to try to comfort their friend. But in a twist, Garfield's Amazing Spider-Man ran and jumped into the room to thunderous applause from fans. 

MJ: "Is that him?"

NED: "Yeah, yeah, it has to be."

Ned and MJ start calling out:

MJ: "Peter... Peter!"

NED: "Hey, Peter! Peter!"

The Dark Figure hears them, runs for the portal, and-- --JUMPS THROUGH, INTO THE ROOM, TO REVEAL IT’S SPIDER-MAN! But he’s wearing a different suit...

Andrew Garfield, Spider-Man
Sony Pictures

This new Spidey then removed his mask, revealing Garfield's face and finally confirming the rumors that had circled online for months. 

MJ: Who the hell are you?

WEBB-VERSE PETER: "I’m Peter Parker."

MJ: "That’s not possible."

WEBB-VERSE PETER: "I am Spider-Man... in my world." But then yesterday, I was-- (can’t explain it) I was just here.

Andrew Garfield, Spider-Man
Sony Pictures

The post included the following caption to tease what fans are in for with the movie's home release:

"Swipe to relive THAT moment

Relive all the iconic moments of  Spider-Man: No Way Home on Digital March 22 and on 4K Ultra HD and Blu-ray on April 12! Pre-order now: 

"The Multiverse is Real?!"

Spider-Man: No Way Home had no shortage of show-stopping moments, from Charlie Cox's short scene as Daredevil to Alfred Molina's return as Dr. Otto Octavius. Even so, almost nobody made as big of an impact upon arrival as Andrew Garfield, whose rumored MCU debut became official and changed everything in the movie.

Garfield's arrival came directly after No Way Home hit its lowest point with Aunt May's death, and it immediately preceded Tobey Maguire's more subdued entrance as the Raimi-verse Peter Parker. Setting the stage for both of them teaming up with Tom Holland's MCU Spidey in the third act, this scene is regularly mentioned as a fan favorite.

Even nearly three months after the scene debuted in theaters, Garfield's debut continues making its mark with fans as they rematch the movie and relive the glory of seeing it all unfold. It's only fitting that Sony is using that scene to get fans reinvested in the threequel before it becomes available for home viewing.

Spider-Man: No Way Home is playing in theaters worldwide. The film will be available for viewing via digital release on March 22, and its Blu-ray disc will arrive on April 12.

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