Spider-Man Lotus: Controversial Fan Film Gets New Release Date & Poster

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Spider-Man Lotus poster

Spider-Man: Lotus, a fan film overtaken by controversial creators, just got an official release date and poster.

Back in June 2022, leaked messages exposed the use of highly derogatory racial slurs within private messages exchanged between lead actor Wayne Warden and director Gavin Konop.

The fan film quickly lost most of its support, with its VFX team leaving the project while sharing some of the impressive work they had done on the film.

The plot of Spider-Man: Lotus revolves around Peter Parker/Spider-Man grappling with the profound grief resulting from Gwen Stacy's death. 

This was highlighted in the film's initial trailer, unveiled in October 2021, gaining a staggering number of views on YouTube.

Spider-Man: Lotus Release Date & Poster

Spider-Man: Lotus poster
Gavin Konop

Spider-Man: Lotus director shared to Twitter a new poster for the independent film, also revealing that it will be free to watch on YouTube starting Thursday, August 10.

The image prominently highlights Spider-Man in his full, unscathed suit squatting in the rain, a visual representation of the somber tone teased in previous trailers.

Will Anyone Watch Spider-Man: Lotus?

Prior to the project-altering controversy, many were excited about Lotus. For a crowd-funded, fan-made Spider-man film, the quality appeared shockingly high.

For many, nothing about the movie itself matters now. Gavin Konop and Wayne Warden's leaked messages were enough for people to never give the project a second more of their time.

The aforementioned first full trailer for Lotus has over 2.7 million views on YouTube. A year later, post controversy, the final trailer became available and currently has 1.3 million views on YouTube.

Whether it be supporting those who worked on the film outside of Konop and Warden, a love for Spider-Man, or general curiosity, expect the full film to garner a significant amount of views.

Spider-Man: Lotus hits YouTube on Thursday, August 10.

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