Spider-Man Lotus: New Trailer for Controversial Fan Film Shows Green Goblin In Action

By Richard Nebens Posted:
Spider-Man Lotus characters

The controversial fan film Spider-Man: Lotus showed off footage of its take on the Green Goblin in a newly-released trailer.

Spider-Man: Lotus has spent more than a year mired in intense controversy, with its leading actor and creator having shared extremely racist language in private messages with one another that were revealed online.

And while many are quite impressed with the VFX quality delivered in the fan-made Spider-Man movie, its release is still quite an uncomfortable situation considering how widely popular the web-slinger still is.

Green Goblin Stars in Spider-Man Fan Film Trailer

Spider-Man: Lotus director Gavin J. Konop shared a brand-new trailer for the fan-made Spider-Man movie on his YouTube page, which comes less than three weeks ahead of its release date on Thursday, August 10.

Lotus 1
Spider-Man: Lotus

The trailer highlights John Salandria's terrifying take on the Green Goblin, brought to life through prosthetics and makeup rather than CGI.

Lotus 2
Spider-Man: Lotus

The Goblin gets into a brutal battle with the web-slinger himself, evoking memories of the Goblin battles that Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and Tom Holland all saw on the big screen.

Lotus 3
Spider-Man: Lotus

The story also highlights classic Spider-Man characters like Mary-Jane Watson and Gwen Stacy, tying back to the wall-crawler's long legacy from Marvel Comics.

Lotus 4
Spider-Man: Lotus

The full trailer can be seen below:

How Will Fans React to Spider-Man: Lotus?

Unquestionably, Spider-Man: Lotus' release is going to be a tough subject for many fans, especially considering the behavior of those who brought the movie to life.

Looking at the way Hollywood has handled other major controversies from different studios, it wouldn't come as a huge shock if fans avoided watching this movie, particularly with it being released exclusively on YouTube.

And even looking at how impressive this footage is for a film made by fans on a $25,000 budget, the ethics behind this entire situation simply make for an unfortunate disappointment for everybody involved.

Spider-Man: Lotus will be available to watch on YouTube on Thursday, August 10.

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