Watch Spider-Man: Lotus' Gorgeous VFX Scenes Before It Got Cancelled

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Spider-Man: Lotus

While Spider-Man is still widely popular in mainstream media thanks to his record-breaking efforts on the big screen, the past year has seen some controversy that involves Marvel's web-slinger as well. This specifically comes from the canceled release of a fan-made film entitled Spider-Man: Lotus, which exists separately from Peter Parker's adventures in the MCU or any of Sony's Spider-Man Universe stories.

Spider-Man: Lotus centers on a story in which Peter Parker deals with the loss of Gwen Stacy, as was shown in the film's first trailer that was released in October 2021, racking up huge viewing numbers on Youtube. However, due to controversial remarks from the film's leading actor and director, Lotus' release was canceled, leading to outrage from both fans and the crew involved in the film

Spider-Man Lotus
Spider-Man: Lotus

With this movie now mired in so much controversy, it seems highly unlikely that viewers will ever see the final product of a fan-made film that actually showed promise amongst comic-book movie giants like Marvel and DC. However, a new video was just released online that shows some of the VFX work that had been completed for Spider-Man: Lotus, giving a stunning look at this unique web-slinger adventure.

Spider-Man: Lotus VFX Work Revealed

VFX artist Max Aurnhammer shared just over 30 seconds of video highlighting the visual effects work done on the fan-made movie Spider-Man: Lotus, whose debut was canceled due to racist messages that were revealed online from two of its leading creators.

The Direct Image
Spider-Man: Lotus

This was part of a longer showcase explaining the story behind Lotus' release and how it all fell apart.

Spider-Man: Lotus
Spider-Man: Lotus

The shots feature some stunning footage of Spider-Man swinging through New York City, complete with his web-shooting and sound effects to make the moment shine. 

That footage can be seen below:

Lotus Looking Amazing in New VFX Highlight Video

For a Spider-Man movie that was made on a budget of just over $25,000, what came to the forefront in this video is actually fairly impressive.

Of course, without the millions that Marvel and Sony have at their disposal, not as much web-slinging action can be shown on camera, and there were no shots of wall-crawling or crime-fighting from this version of Spider-Man. But with the resources at hand, this seems like a movie that would have actually gained a big following upon its debut, regardless of how much money it made.

It's simply unfortunate to know that this movie won't be released to the public, especially with no signs pointing to when the MCU's live-action Spider-Man will be back in action. But even though this movie was made by fans for fans of the character, the creatives behind it did the right thing when the disturbing tweets from its star and director were made public.

Hopefully, this will come as an encouraging sign to hardworking creatives who want to take part in a fan-made film like this so that fans can continue celebrating the characters from the Marvel universe in a unique way.

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