Full Cast of Spider-Man: Lotus: Every Actor & Character In Fan Film

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Spider-Man Lotus Cast, Actors for Harry Osborn, Mary Jane, Gwen Stacy, and Green Goblin

Spider-Man: Lotus is now free to watch on YouTube, after years of waiting for the wall-crawling epic. 

Upon its first tease, the fan film had fans raving, with many wondering how an independent crowdfunded movie could look like this. Even the likes of Spider-Man: No Way Home director Jon Watts acknowledged the project by personally congratulating writer/director Gavin J. Konop. 

However, the honeymoon period did not last long, as the project became caught up in controversy thanks to racist comments from star Warden Wayne and director Konop

With the movie finally available to watch at home, here is every character and actor from Spider-Man: Lotus' cast.

Spider-Man: Lotus - Every Main Actor & Character They Play

Peter Parker/Spider-Man - Warden Wayne

Warden Wayne Spider-Man
Spider-Man: Lotus

Warden Wayne plays Lotus' version of Peter Parker/Spider-Man. This take on the wall-crawling hero is 20 years old, having been a superhero for five years at the time of the film. After losing his girlfriend Gwen Stacy during a battle with the Green Goblin, Peter wants to hang up the mask for good, but after a terminally ill child named Tim Harrison asks to meet Spider-Man, he suits back up for Tim's final days. 

Wayne has a few past credits working in Hollywood, having appeared in HBO's True Detective

Harry Osborn - Sean Thomas Reid

Sean Thomas Reid Harry Osborn
Spider-Man: Lotus

Harry Osborn (played by Sean Thomas Reid) is the best friend of Warden Wayne's Peter Parker. Lotus sees Harry grappling with his drug addiction and living in the shadow of his business magnate of a father, Norman Osborne.

Sean Thomas Reid is also credited as a writer of Spider-Man Lotus, with the fan film being his first credit. 

Mary Jane Watson - Moriah Brooklyn

Moriah Brooklyn Mary Jane Watson
Spider-Man: Lotus

Moriah Brooklynn plays Mary Jane Watson in Spider-Man: Lotuis. While Mary Jane is usually a romantic interest for Peter Parker, she is in the role of one of his best friends here, helping Peter through his grief after losing his first love Gwen Stacy. 

Moriah Brooklyn is a California-based actress/model who appeared in one other movie called Doorkeeper.

Gwen Stacy - Tuyen Powell

Tuyen Powell Gwen Stacy
Spider-Man: Lotus

Taking on the ill-fated Gwen Stacy is Tuyen Powell. Powell's take on the iconic Spidey character is key to what makes the Spider-Man: Lotus wheel turn. She is the girlfriend of Peter Parker when she is killed during a battle between Spider-Man and the Green Goblin, leaving her former lover questioning his alter-ego following her death. 

Powell's Gwen is seen throughout the film as visions of grief manifesting in Peter's and other characters' heads, but has minimal screentime, as she perishes off-screen early in the film. 

Tim Harrison - Maxwell Fox-Andrews

Maxwell Fox-Andrews Tim Harrison
Spider-Man: Lotus

Maxwell Fox-Andrews takes on the role of Tim Harrison. Tim is a terminally ill child whose last wish is to meet Spider-Man. Based on a Marvel Comics character of the same name Tim and Spidey do end up meeting despite Peter questioning whether he wants to be Spider-Man anymore. 

Maxell Fox-Andrews is a child actor who has appeared in several short films including Weapons and Their Names and Hosanna!.

Flash Thompson - Jack Wooton

Jack Wooton Flash Thompson
Spider-Man: Lotus

Classic Spider-Man character Flash Thompson appears in the film, showing up for two brief scenes. Played by Jack Wooton, this older, more mature Flash comforts MJ at a New York house party, as she reminisces about her experiences with Gwen as well as popping up at the end alongside Harry and MJ at another celebration.

Jack Wooton is an actor and singer based in Los Angeles, having appeared in one other feature-length film The Razing.

Norman Osborn/Green Goblin - John Salandria

John Salandria Green Goblin
Spider-Man: Lotus

Despite playing such a pivotal role in Spider-Man: Lotus' plot, Josh Salandria's Norman Osborn/Green Goblin only appears in one major scene in the film. The ionic Spidey villain is responsible for killing Gwen Stacy and is seen in one fight scene with Spider-Man, as Warden Wayne's Peter Parker seemingly beats the character to the edge of death. 

Salandria's past credits include ABC's Animal Kingdom and an uncredited role in the feature-length comedy Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising

Herman Schultz/The Shocker - Justin Hargrove

Justin Hargrove Shocker
Spider-Man: Lotus

Another Spider-Man big bad to pop up in Spider-Man: Lotus is Herman Schultz/The Shocker (played by Justin Hargrove). Spidey takes on Shocker early in the film, setting the stage for the adventure to come. 

Hargrove also can be seen in Damien Chazelle's Hollywood epic Babylon

Ms. Harrison - Mariah Fox

Mariah Fox Ms Harrison
Spider-Man: Lotus

Playing the mother of Maxwell Fox-Andrews's Tim Harrison is Mariah Fox as Ms. Harrison. Fox's Ms. Harrison is doing everything she can to make her son's final days tolerable, writing to Spider-Man to ask that he comes and fulfill her son's final wish. 

Mariah Fox also appeared in the Predestined TV miniseries. 

Uncle Ben’s Killer - Paul Logan

Paul Logan Uncle Ben Killer
Spider-Man: Lotus

Appearing via a flashback while Peter recounts his origins as Spider-Man to Tim is Paul Logan as Uncle Ben's Killer. The actor pops up for just a few quick moments seen running past Spider-Man after robbing a wrestling event mere moments before he would kill Peter's beloved Uncle Ben. 

Paul Logan is best known for his work on Days of Our Lives, The Horde and Mega Piranha

Young Peter Parker/Spider-Man - Landon Konop

Landon Konop Young Peter Parker
Spider-Man: Lotus

Appearing as a split-second cameo in the Spider-Man fan film is Landon Konop as a young Peter Parker/Spider-Man. Konop appears as the version of the wall-crawling hero during his origin story flashback. While the actor remains in costume the entire time (mask and all), it is most certainly him. 

Landon Konop is the younger brother and online collaborator of Spider-Man: Lotus writer/director Gavin J. Konop.

Newscaster (Voice) - Tristan Lawrence

Appearing in a voice-only role is Tristan Lawrence as 'Newcaster'. Lawrence is the one who audiences hear recount the events that led to Gwen Stacy's death as Peter mourns his lost lover. 

While appearing as the Newscaster voice in Spider-Man: Lotus, Lawerence is also created as the cinematographer of the film. 

Shocker Goon 1 - Tyler Rostedt

Tyler Rostedt Shocker Goon
Spider-Man: Lotus

Seen early on in the film is Tyler Rostedt as Shocker Goon 1. Rostedt's character (along with one of Shocker's other goons) is the first victim of Spidey's web-slinging abilities audiences see in the film, as the web-headed hero thwarts the crew's criminal plans. Tyler Rostedt is a filmmaker and YouTube tech creator. 

Shocker Goon 2 - Scott Dye

Scott Dye Shocker Goon
Spider-Man: Lotus

Shocker Goon 2 (played by Scott Dye) also gets webbed and taken down during the opening Shocker battle in Spider-Man: Lotus, as he is made quick work of by New York's friendly neighborhood web-slinger.

Shocker Goon 3 - Travis Carter

Travis Carter Shocker Goon
Spider-Man: Lotus

And the third goon (aptly named Shocker Goon 3) to be taken down by Spider-Man is played by Travis Carter. While the other two members of Shocker's gang get the web treatment Carter's Spider-Man: Lotus henchman takes a Spidey boot to the face. 

Spider-Man: Lotus is available to stream now on YouTube.

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