Tom Holland Reveals His Favorite Spider-Man Moments from Garfield & Maguire Movies

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Marvel Studios is less than two weeks away from Tom Holland's Spider-Man: No Way Home arriving in theaters and likely changing the MCU landscape as fans currently know it. With five confirmed villains joining the MCU through the Multiverse and rumors pointing to Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield suiting up as Spider-Man again, the threequel makes waves in the news streams on a daily basis.

Due to so many characters from past Spider-Man movies joining the MCU, No Way Home will help serve as a tribute to Spidey's live-action history while setting the web-slinger up for a thrilling future. Although Sony and Marvel still have plenty of secrets left to reveal once No Way Home premieres, fans are fully invested in all things Spider-Man as the movie's promotional tour moves full speed ahead.

Even though Sony can't and won't confirm Maguire and Garfield for returns in No Way Home, their five combined movies are fair game to use for reminiscing purposes with Spidey's on-screen history. This came into play in Holland's most recent interview, in which he shared what he loved most from his predecessors.

Holland Looks Back at Maguire and Garfield's Movies

In an interview on the Jake's Takes YouTube channel, Spider-Man: No Way Home star Tom Holland shared his favorite parts of Tobey Maguire's Spider-Man trilogy and Andrew Garfield's two The Amazing Spider-Man movies.

When asked about which specific moments from their movies he wished he could have been in, Holland started with the final battle sequence between Maguire's Spider-Man and Green Goblin in 2002's Spider-Man.

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Specifically, he loved how brutal the scene was with Peter's suit taking a great deal of damage, something he wishes he could have seen in his own MCU suits:

“Tobey’s movies, I love the final battle between him and the Goblin. I think something that I really wish we had done with our movies in kind of the tattered suit stuff. You know how he always has the rips in his costumes and the rips on the mask? I really like that because it brought a kind of realism to the injuries that Spider-Man can get."

Moving on to Garfield's movies, Holland picked a surprising moment that showed Peter skateboarding through New York and testing out his new powers after talking to Emma Stone's Gwen Stacy in 2012's The Amazing Spider-Man.

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Holland saw this moment as part of Peter's personality that was brought to the big screen, even though it was a different representation of his character:

"In Andrew’s movies, I love the skateboarding sequence actually. I know that’s kind of far from what Peter Parker is, and it was kind of a bit of a step away, but I really enjoyed that sequence. I thought it was really fun. I thought the way they brought that aspect of Peter Parker’s life was really interesting and really fun.”

Holland's co-star Zendaya chimed in on the Maguire moment by giving Holland's Spider-Man credit for having the Stark-developed suits in his movies. In response, Holland reiterated that he likes seeing Spider-Man in more of a vulnerable state with real stakes to his adventures:

“For me, I just like the idea that they’re not invincible and that kind of stuff, it adds stakes.”

From Goblin Fights to Skateboards for Spider-Man Memories

Tom Holland has often stated how much he loves the movies from both Maguire and Garfield, specifically citing Maguire's movies as some of his earliest memories of wanting to play Spider-Man in the future. While the two moments he picked are vastly different from one another, they both show the essence of Peter Parker as a character in different ways.

The final battle from 2002's Spider-Man put Maguire's hero into one of the most intense moments of his entire trilogy as he endured a physical beat down from Willem Dafoe's Green Goblin. Looking back on how much his suit and body were damaged, Peter had to put an incredible sense of resilience on display against a villain who did everything in his power to kill the young hero.

As for Garfield's skateboarding moment, this scene gave more of a look into Peter Parker as a young kid in high school rather than as a crime-fighting vigilante. It's clear that Holland relates to the scene showcasing a young man experiencing love for the first time and letting his excitement flow through his entire body, especially with superpowers that he was still learning how to use.

Now, with Holland potentially appearing in Spider-Man: No Way Home alongside both other Spider-Man stars, MCU fans have a chance to see something never put to screen before with three different Peter Parkers learning about one another.

Rumors have pointed to Garfield and Maguire starting off more as scientists than superheroes, although it will be just as exciting to see that as seeing all three of them in their red and blue Spidey suits. With a possibly internet-breaking tag-team coming after such an extensive history for all three heroes, the Spider-Men could make for one of the biggest moments in movie history should it come to fruition.

Spider-Man: No Way Home will debut in theaters on December 17.

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