Spider-Man 3: First Images Show Tom Holland, Zendaya & Jacob Batalon

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Tom Holland Spider-Man

Fans have been wondering what the third Tom Holland-led Spider-Man film would be titled since it was announced by Sony and Marvel Studios. Last April, Sony Pictures executive producer Amy Pascal confirmed that the title would continue the trend of having the word "Home" in the title. 

The project is now a couple of months into filming and there has yet to be an announcement of an official title for the film. Kevin Feige revealed the movie is temporarily being referred to as "Homecoming 3," which makes sense as this is capping off the trilogy that Spider-Man Homecoming started.

The rumors around this upcoming MCU project are overflowing. Reportedly, Alfred Molina is reprising his role as Doc Ock, Jamie Foxx is returning as Electro, Willem Dafoe may portray Green Goblin again after being seen on set, Charlie Cox is rumored to return as Daredevil, and all of these reports leads most fans to believe Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield will return as their own versions of Spidey himself

Rumors, set photos, and tight-lipped interviews with Holland have been building the anticipation, but today it appears some of the first official material has been released.


Tom Holland and Jacob Batalon have each posted what appears to be the first two official images of the untitled third Spider-Man film. They feature Holland as Peter Parker, Zendaya as MJ, and Batalon as Ned.

The posts also playfully tease the much-desired title for the film. Holland's post calls the film, "Spider-Man: Phone Home" and Batalon's says, "Spider-Man: Home-Wrecker." 

See the full images below:

Something has caught Peter Parker, MJ, and Ned's attention as they look at it concerned.

Holland, Zendaya, and Batalon
Via Tom Holland's Instagram

Ned turning a light on while Peter Parker and MJ seriously stare ahead. 

Via Tom Holland and Jacob Batalon's Instagram accounts.

Batalon, Holland, and Zendaya
Via Jacob Batalon's Instagram

Seemingly fake titles of "Spider-Man: Phone Home" and "Spider-Man: Home-Wrecker"

Teased Titles
From Tom Holland and Jacob Batalon's Instagram

UPDATE: Michelle Jones actress Zendaya has just added her own post similar to Holland's and Batalon's, including the title "Spider-Man: Home Slice." Included was the following picture:

Zendaya Instagram
Zendaya Instagram



These two Spider-Man actors knew the response they would get from fans by posting fake titles for this highly anticipated film. While getting the first images are interesting, teasing the fans with fake names could be taken as downright cruel.

However, this film releases in about 10 months and there are still plenty of MCU projects releasing ahead of it this year. Holland and Batalon did not post these because it was their idea. As untraditional as it is, this is the beginning of Sony and Marvel Studios' marketing campaign.

Understanding this movie is probably the most anticipated Marvel film amongst fans, having a unique approach may be the wisest idea. Fans, YouTubers, and writers here at The Direct have picked apart every inch of released set photos and possible rumor. No other MCU film has the microscope that this film has under it, and the tandem studios producing Spider-Man 3 know that.

There's a chance these titles aren't simply a practical joke on the fans. Is it out of the realm of possibility that this film that is rumored to be heavily influenced by the multiverse could have multiple titles? Or possible the title will be somewhat irrelevant as the story will be jumping universes, telling the most complex Spidey story to hit the big screen.

Sony saw the critical success and Spider-Verse film could have with Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse, so nothing should hold them back from telling a completely one-of-a-kind story. Holland has called this project "easily the most ambitious standalone superhero film [he's] ever been a part of" making the possibilities endless.

No matter what the title will ultimately be, Holland's third Spider-Man installment will hit theaters on December 17, 2021.


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