Spider-Man 3: No Way Home: New Costume Merch Spotted For Retail

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Spider-Man Tom Holland suit

At the beginning of July, Spider-Man: No Way Home toys were posted online. The merchandise revealed two new suits for Peter Parker in the upcoming film: the Integrated Suit and the Black and Gold Suit

Funko Pop! Toys also revealed another look at Zendaya's MJ, Jacob Batalon's Ned, and Benedict Cumberbatch's Doctor Strange. The first look at Strange was particularly interesting as the Sorcerer Supreme was dressed in winter boots, holding a snow shovel, and had the Eye of Agamotto around his neck.

Fans only continue to clamor for a teaser trailer as the film is less than six months away. As the wait continues, another piece of merchandise has surfaced that gives an additional good look at Spidey's new suits.


Spider-Man Black Suit

New looks at wearable merchandise for two new Spider-Man: No Way Home suits have been revealed via Twitter.

It appears that the costumes represent the new Integrated Suit as well as the Black and Gold suit.

The photos can be seen in the Tweet below:

This indicates that these costumes could hit the market for this year's Halloween festivities. The wait continues for a trailer to reveal the new suits in action in the meantime. 


These official suits add to what was already a diverse collection of outfits worn by Tom Holland's Spider-Man.

He began with his homemade suit, was gifted an upgraded suit from Tony Stark, then lost his privileges to that suit and had to revert to his hand-made hoodie suit. Then he was given another Tony creation: the Iron Spider suit in Avengers: Infinity War.

During the events of Spider-Man Far From Home, Spider-Man wore the original upgraded suit, the Iron Spider suit, a stealth Night Monkey suit, and his newly engineered red and black suit.

Lost count? Assuming that Peter wears two more suits in this film, that will bring his total number of suits to seven in the MCU. 

This approach to the Spider-Man suit is similar to Marvel's PlayStation Spider-Man game, which lets the player unlock and switch between dozens of different suits. Also, similar to the MCU, the story-driven suits are tactical and help Peter in his missions.

The Spider-Man: No Way Home suits appear to be the same. The Integrated suit looks to be infused with some of Doctor Strange's magic and the Black and Gold suit may act as a protective skin over his Upgraded suit that he begins the film wearing. 

Spider-Man's sixth and seventh suits in the MCU will be on full display when Spider-Man: No Way Home opens in theaters on December 17, 2021.

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