The 10 Best South Park Funko Pops, Ranked

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Kenny McCormick and Kyle Broflovski from South Park as Funko Pop figures

South Park has been a cultural icon for decades, and the growing collection Funko Pop! figures made for the show helps fans hang onto the essence of its memorable characters. 

In The Direct's ranked list of the Top 13 South Park Funko Pops, fans will find a diverse array of fan-favorite characters immortalized in vinyl. From iconic outfits to hilarious personas, each figure here showcases the unique charm and humor of the show. 

Leading the list are standout characters like Cartman, Kenny, Kyle, and Stan, each donning their most memorable looks. The collection includes everything from Cartman's police outfit to Kenny's zombified appearance, reflecting the show's ability to mix comedy with absurdity. 

Additionally, the ranking includes lesser-seen characters and variations, adding depth to any collection. Figures like Professor Chaos and Mint-Berry Crunch highlight the show's creativity and enduring appeal. 

These Funko Pops not only celebrate South Park's history but also its impact on pop culture, making them must-haves for any enthusiast.

The Direct's 10 Best South Park Funko Pops Ranked

10. Chef 

Chef Funko Pop!

The Chef Funko Pop! immortalizes the beloved school cafeteria worker known for his sage advice and catchy songs. Wearing his signature white chef’s hat and apron, Chef’s figure is a perfect representation of his warm and charismatic personality.  

Chef played a crucial role in the early seasons of South Park, so this Funko figure is a nostalgic reminder of Chef’s memorable moments and his impact on the main characters’ lives. It’s a must-have for long-time fans who remember the invaluable lessons and laughs Chef provided. 

9. Human Kite (Kyle) 

Human Kite Kyle Funko Pop!

The Human Kite Funko Pop! brings to life Kyle Broflovski’s superhero persona from the "Coon and Friends" saga that took place within the South Park series. 

The duller colors of Human Kite's costume and his less-than-dynamic pose highlight Kyle’s role as the cautious and logical member of the superhero group.  

This is a great figure for fans who appreciate Kyle’s blend of practicality and idealism in the otherwise whimsical world of South Park

8. Mr. Mackey 

Mr. Mackey Funko Pop!

The Mr. Mackey Funko Pop! features the iconic school counselor known for his catchphrase, "M'kay." 

Dressed in his typical attire of a green shirt and blue tie and made complete with his large round glasses and slightly balding head, this figure perfectly captures Mr. Mackey’s distinctive look and demeanor. 

Mr. Mackey’s role as the well-meaning but often clueless counselor is a staple of South Park. This Funko figure brings to life his quirky personality and his efforts to maintain order amidst the town’s chaos.  

7. Professor Chaos (Butters) 

Professor Chaos Butters Funko Pop!

The Professor Chaos Funko Pop! figure captures Butters Stotch in his infamous alter-ego from the South Park series. 

Dressed in his homemade supervillain costume, Professor Chaos is depicted with a rather happy expression and metallic silver armor that emulates the crumpled tin foil he used to make it in the series. 

This Funko figure is not only a tribute to Butters' endearing nature but also a nod to the rich, imaginative world of South Park. It’s also a great piece for collectors who appreciate the softer, more endearing side of South Park as Butters is usually much sweeter than this.  

6. Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo 

Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo Funko Pop!

Certainly, the most questionable inclusion in this list is the Mr. Hankey Funko Pop!, but any fan of South Park knows no ranking could be complete without him. 

The Mr. Hankey figure brings to life the festive, albeit unconventional, Christmas poo. Complete with his Santa hat and cheerful smile, Mr. Hankey looks ready to spread holiday cheer in his own unique way.  

Mr. Hankey’s appearances during the holiday season are a beloved South Park tradition. This Funko Pop! captures his joyous spirit and the quirky charm that has made him a fan favorite, and it gives fans a familiar piece of decoration for the holidays. 

It goes without saying that Mr. Hankey is a standout in any collection. It’s a perfect addition for those who appreciate the show’s irreverent take on holiday classics and its ability to turn the absurd into the endearing.  

5. Towelie 

Towelie Funko Pop!

The Towelie Funko Pop! captures the essence of one of South Park's most bizarre and beloved characters. Towelie, the talking towel with a penchant for getting high, is depicted with his droopy eyes and casual stance. 

Funko gave this figure’s texture a special flocked finish to mimic the fabric of a real towel, making Towelie one of the most authentic Pops! on the market. 

Towelie’s absurd yet hilarious antics have made him a fan favorite. This Funko Pop! is an essential addition for collectors who enjoy the more surreal and whimsical aspects of South Park celebrating Towelie’s unique brand of humor. 

4. Mint-Berry Crunch (Bradley) 

Mint-Berry Crunch Funko Pop!

The Mint-Berry Crunch Funko Pop! depicts Bradley Biggle, also known as Mint-Berry Crunch, in his unique superhero costume. This figure showcases Bradley in a bright, berry-colored outfit with mint leaves, embodying his peculiar superpowers that combine the elements of mint and berries. 

Mint-Berry Crunch’s role in the "Coon and Friends" saga adds a layer of absurd humor and unexpected heroism to the storyline. This Funko Pop! figure is a perfect addition for fans who enjoy the quirky and imaginative aspects of South Park, bringing a touch of berry-flavored justice to any collection. 

3. Toolshed (Stan) 

Toolshed Stan Funko Pop!

The Toolshed Funko Pop! features Stan Marsh in his superhero alter ego "Toolshed" from the show’s "Coon and Friends" episodes.  

Dressed in a makeshift superhero costume complete with a utility belt and yellow safety glasses, this figure highlights Stan’s earnest attempts to fight crime and help his friends. 

This figure is a must-have for fans of the "Coon and Friends" storyline, bringing back memories of the group's humorous and often chaotic adventures. It’s a delightful addition that captures Stan’s earnest nature and determination, even in his most absurd moments. 

2. Zombie Kenny 

Zombie Kenny Funko Pop!

The Zombie Kenny Funko Pop! figure is a perfect tribute to one of the most memorable episodes of South Park

Kenny’s repeated deaths have been a long-running joke in the series, and this figure captures one of his most dramatic demises. This Funko Pop! showcases Kenny in his zombified form, complete with his tattered orange parka, greenish skin, and unsettlingly vacant eyes. 

The attention to detail in the sculpting--especially the ragged clothing and gory facial features--makes Zombie Kenny an exceptional representation of Kenny's ill-fated character and a must-have for Funko collectors. 

1. Policeman Cartman 

Policeman Cartman Funko Pop!

The Policeman Cartman Funko Pop! figure is a delightful nod to one of Eric Cartman’s most iconic personas from South Park. It's one of the most well-known bits from the show, so it's only right that it sits atop this list. 

Dressed in his full police uniform, complete with sunglasses and a stern presence, this figure captures the essence of Cartman's over-the-top authoritarian attitude. 

Whether fans remember him patrolling the school hallways or enforcing his own brand of law and order in South Park, this Funko figure encapsulates Cartman’s unique ability to combine hilarity with his unwavering self-importance. It’s a must-have for anyone who appreciates the humor and absurdity that South Park consistently delivers.

South Park is streaming on Max, and fans can also watch it with a premium subscription to Hulu or Amazon Prime Video.

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