The 10 Most Expensive Funko Pops of All Time

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Funko Pop! figures have become a staple collectible in many nerdy displays, but some will set collectors back with a hefty price tag.

What Is the Most Expensive Funko Pop Figure?

The average Funko Pop! figure usually retails for $8 to $11, but there are some major exceptions to this rule, with products on the official store ranging up to $110.

Here are the 10 most expensive Funko Pop! figures of all time according to listings on the official outlet as opposed to bidding or reselling prices:

10.) Pop! Jumbo Spider-Man (Miles Morales) (Black Light) - $45

Funko Pop! Jumbo Spider-Man (Miles Morales) (Black Light)

Coming from the Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse collection, this Miles Morales figure measures 10.1 inches tall, over double that of the usual five-inch Funko products. As part of the black light range, this purple-suited Spider-Man will glow in the dark when charged with UV light.

9.) Pop! Moment Pocahontas with Grandmother Willow - $45

FunkoPop! Moment Pocahontas with Grandmother Willow

Funko’s “Moment” range depicts specific scenes (or moments) from their source material, with this product coming from Disney's Pocahontas. In this figure measuring 6.15 inches tall, the Native American Disney princess seeks guidance from Grandmother Willow on what path she must choose.

8.) Pop! Jumbo Son Goku - $45

Funko Pop! Jumbo Son Goku

Among the collection based on Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is a 10-inch jumbo-sized Son Goku figure. The product listing calls for collectors to "witness the tremendous power of the Tailed Beasts with the Four-Tails" in this giant, intimidating, and beastly anime figure.

7.) Pop! Jumbo Glaceon - $45

Funko Pop! Jumbo Glaceon

It wouldn't be a pop culture ranking if the topic of Pokemon didn't come to play, and the legendary gaming brand makes its way to the list with the $45 jumbo Glaceon figure, which stands at 10.6 inches tall. The Generation IV Pokemon is inspired by a fox but boasts a blue aesthetic to mirror its ice-type abilities.

6.) Pop! Jumbo Kyojuro Rengoku - $45

Funko Pop! Jumbo Kyojuro Rengoku

The Demon Slayer Funko collection makes its way to the list through Kyōjurō Rengoku, a powerful hero famous for his flame-breathing powers and dedication to protecting humanity from the demonic forces of evil. His jumbo Funko figure is 10.5 inches tall and boasts his iconically vibrant flaming hair.

5.) Pop! Jumbo 10" Lights and Sounds Darth Vader - $50

Funko Pop! Jumbo 10

Funko’s fifth most-expensive figure comes with the 10-inch Jumo Darth Vader, who brandishes his iconic red lightsaber and is displayed on a Star Wars stand. Perhaps the greatest feature of the $50 collectible comes in its lights and sounds which will see his legendary red lightsaber glow brighter than ever.

4.) Pop! Die-Cast Collection - $50

Funko Pop! Die-Cast Collection

The collection includes some of pop culture's biggest icons across Marvel, Star Wars, DC, Disney, and more. Among the roster are Mickey Mouse, Darth Vader, the Joker, and plenty more legendary icons.

The official product descriptions boast their place as "designed to be the front and center, top-shelf" item in any collection. The figures come encased in acrylic cases with etched details and are fasted to the base of the case, which can be opened to remove the figure should one so choose.

3.) Pop! Mega Mickey Mouse - $100

Funko Pop! Mega Mickey Mouse

Walt Disney's most iconic creation, Mickey Mouse, received a special mega-sized Funko Pop! to celebrate the centenary of Hollywood's biggest studio. Much like most of the "Mega" range, the figure stands at 18 inches and depicts the iconic cartoon mouse with his classic look and instantly recognizable large black ears.

2.) Pop! Mega Darth Vader - $100

Funko Pop! Mega Darth Vader

The second Funko incarnation of Star Wars’ iconic Sith lord to appear on this list comes at $100 with “Mega Darth Vader.” The figure wields his glowing blade in an imposing stance for this 18-inch figure depicting one of the most iconic villains in movie history as he stands tall in intimidating fashion.

1.) Pop! Mega Loki - $110.00

Funko Pop! Mega Loki

Measuring a massive 18 inches tall is the “Mega Loki” figure, depicting the Prince of Asgard and his Glorious Purpose as seen in the Infinity Saga. The look comes from his villainous antics in 2012’s The Avengers as he terrorized New York with his horned helmet. The figure is the most expensive offering yet from the official Funko store at $110 as an exclusive to the site.

All 10 figures explored above can be purchased now from the official Funko online retail store.

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