10 Best Pokémon Funko Pops Ranked

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Pokemon Funko Pops Mewto, Pikachu, lucario

Collectors everywhere can likely remember where they were on the day that Funko and Target released the first Pikachu Pop! in 2018. Fans had been begging for years for the toy company to start producing Pokémon Pops!, and they finally got their wish. 

Since then, Funko has put the pedal to the metal as new Pokémon Pops! are hitting the shelves in batches every few months. Additionally, special edition Pokémon Pops! and new exclusives are showing up at exclusive retailers and conventions every year. 

With so many different Pokémon Pops! to catch now, The Direct compiled a ranked list of the top 10 best Pokémon Funko Pops! on the market. 

10.) Bulbasaur (10-Inch)

Bulbasaur 10 Inch Funko Pop

Starting the list with a fan-favorite starter Pokémon, 10-inch Bulbasaur was one of the first Pokémon Pops! to get a Jumbo variation. Alongside Pikachu and Charmander, fans had the choice of starting their XL collection with one of the three classic starters in the game. 

It’s easy to find a common Bulbasaur Pop! in the wild, but the Jumbo-sized leaf Pokémon could only be found at Target in the U.S. and is much rarer as a result. 

Of the three starter Pokémon, 10-inch Bulbasaur is still in the highest demand. 

9.) Ultimate 4-Pack: Eevee, Vaporeon, Jolteon, & Flareon

Eevee, Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Funko Pops

Eevee has been a fan-favorite for as long as the cuddly Pokémon has been around. Much like the creators blended several animals together when coming up with Eevee (cat, fox, and rabbit), they also made a variety of evolution options for the cute Pokémon. 

Pokémon players are familiar with the three main Eevee evolutions in Flareon, Vaporeon, and Jolteon. This Funko four-pack makes it so that trainers don't have to choose just one "Eevee-lution" but catch them all at once. 

8.) Pikachu (Pearlescent)

Pikachu Funko Pop

This won't be the only Pikachu Pop! on the list, but it is the shiniest. It's so shiny, in fact, that some collectors thought the Pearlescent Pikachu from Pokémon Center was going to be the first "Shiny" Pikachu to hit the Funko market.

Alas, the Pikachu Pop! with a pearly finish was not shiny; but tilted fan expectations can't hinder how special this Funko figure is. Even the box has unique artwork that gleams in the light, making the Pearlescent Pikachu stand out on any collector's shelf. 

7.) Glaceon (Flocked)

Glaceon Flocked Funko

Pokémon GO players will know this name well as Glaceon is one of the best options to deal with the dragon types on the opponent's roster. Glaceon is one of the iciest Pokémon in the game and easily a fan-favorite of Eevee's extended evolutions. 

The flocked look on the Glaceon Funko gives it a frosty finish, making the tiny ice Pokémon look that much “cooler.” 

6.) Growlithe (Flocked)

Growlith Flocked Funko Pop

Back-to-back Flocked Pops! on the list may seem unusual, but the velveted variation has become one of the most coveted in the collecting community (even if the "flocking" of the Pop! doesn't make much sense). The finish on Flocked Growlithe, however, works all too well as the texture of the Pop! emulates how fluffy the fire puppy is. 

Flocked Growlithe was exclusive to New York Comic-Con the first year that COVID kept it from happening in person, so the soft, simmering companion could only be found at BoxLunch in the U.S. 

Next time you see a Flocked Growlithe in the wild, give the good boy a pet because it may be a while before you see one again. 

5.) Lucario (10-Inch)

Lucario Funko Pop

As one of the best fighting-type Pokémon in the game, Lucario deserves a spot on any list.

Normally, a Pop! would have to be from Marvel or Star Wars to have a head that moves. However, one special tidbit about the 10-inch Lucario is that his head is on a swivel, allowing the collector to adjust the Pokémon's fighting stance by changing the way he's facing.

As long as the collector doesn't mind removing the 10-inch Lucario from the 2022 Target Con-exclusive box, there are several ways he can be displayed.

4.) Pikachu (18-Inch)

Pikachu Funko Pop

Funko figures are beloved because they're miniaturized versions of the best characters in pop culture. The next Pop! on the list is anything but mini, though, as the 18-inch Pikachu is actually taller than the electric mouse would be in real life. 

Standing a foot-and-a-half high, the supersized Pokémon is one of the largest Pops! ever made by Funko, so there were several reasons to be excited when 18-inch Pikachu was revealed. 

It's difficult to find the giant Pikachu in stores (who has the shelf space to keep it in stock?), but it's frequently purchased online at Entertainment Earth and Pop in a Box. 

3.) Flareon (Diamond)

Flareon Funko Pop

Another awesome Pokémon Funko Pop! that's all about its looks is Flareon, the Fire-type evolution of Eevee. 

Funko frequently takes fan-favorite figures and blings them out with a sparkly metallic finish, dubbing it the "Diamond" collection. With how popular the original Flareon Pop! became, it became a natural candidate for Funko's next bedazzling. 

Much like Glaceon's Flocked finish compliments the ice Pokémon's abilities, Flareon's Diamond upgrade gives the Fire-type a glittery glow that shines bright like a flame, making it one of the coolest (and most fitting) looks of all the Pokémon Funkos. 

2.) Mewtwo (Flocked)

Mewto Funko flocked

Much like his role in the Pokémon universe, the Flocked Mewtwo Funko Pop! is extremely hard to find. 

The rarity of the psychic Pokémon Pop! is partial because it was exclusive to San Diego Comic-Con in 2020, which was the year the convention became a makeshift virtual event due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This forced Funko to release all of the convention-exclusive figures directly from its own website, a task that many fans will agree the toy company was ill-prepared for.

As a result, most Flocked Pops! were bought up by faceless bots and flipped for profit while many fans missed out on the mystical Pokémon. Now, it's near-impossible to spot one in person. It was fitting, if nothing else. 

1.) Charizard (Metallic)

Charizard Funko Pop

"Metallic" is another paint treatment only granted to the top fan-favorites Pops!, so of course, Charizard made the cut. 

The main reason the Metallic Charizard Pop! is so popular, though, is because it's an actual living legend. The Funko figure was supposed to be released at WonderCon 2022, but Funko pulled it last minute, and the figure was never made available to the public.

Mysteriously, the Pop! slowly started to become available for purchase on eBay and other resale sites despite it never being officially released by Funko. Due to this, Metallic Charizard is easily one of the rarest (and priciest) Funko Pops! in circulation. 

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