14 Best Stranger Things Funko Pops Ranked

By John Ross Bradford Posted:
Stranger Things Funko Pops

Ahead of Season 5 of Stranger Things, it's time to look at the top 14 Funko Pops! to collect from the beloved Netflix series. 

This collection captures the essence of the Netflix show's iconic characters and mixes in the 1980s nostalgia, both human and otherworldly, in meticulously crafted detail. From Eleven's telekinetic powers to Chief Hopper's unyielding determination, each Funko Pop! is a testament to the endearing personalities that have captured the hearts of fans worldwide. 

Whether a seasoned fan of the show or just starting the Stranger Things journey, this ranking explores a dimension of cuteness and charm in the show’s growing Funko collection. So, join in the adventure through the Upside Down, armed with Eggo waffles and a flashlight, as this list presents the best Funko Pops! Stranger Things has to offer. 

14.) Flayed Billy 

Flayed Billy Funko Pop!

The Flayed Billy Funko Pop! captures a chilling transformation of the Stranger Things character when Billy Hargrove was possessed by the Mind Flayer while in his lifeguard uniform.

With exceptional attention to detail, the Funko Pop! showcases Billy's eerie and malevolent expression, emphasizing the supernatural influence that has taken hold of him.

For fans of Stranger Things, this Flayed Billy Funko Pop! serves as a haunting reminder of the character's dramatic arc and the terror he brought to Hawkins in the Netflix series.

13.) Steve and Demodog 

Steve and Demodog Funko Pop!

This Stranger Things collectible perfectly encapsulates the eerie essence of the infamous Demodog named Dart. With its sinister features, razor-sharp teeth, and distinctive tail, this Funko Pop! brings to life the pet-turned-terrifying-creature from Dustin's ill-fated discovery. 

The attention to detail in the Dart the Demodog Funko Pop! is simply astounding, showcasing the creature's eerie transformation from adorable to menacing. From the realistic texture of its scales to the worried stance Steve takes against the once-cute-looking demon dog, every element contributes to the heart-pounding suspense that Dart brings to the Upside Down. 

12.) Eleven Underwater 

Eleven Underwater Funko Pop!

Inspired by a breathtaking scene, this Funko Pop! showcases Eleven submerged in water as she explores her telekinetic abilities in the mysterious depths of the sensory deprivation tank.

What's especially interesting about this Pop! is Eleven's outstretched hand which displays her connection to the unseen forces at play, celebrating her magical and emotional journey through the extraordinary world of Hawkins.

11.) Steve (Ahoy) 

Steve Funko Pop!

The Ahoy version of the Steve Funko Pop! features Steve Harrington donning his memorable Scoops Ahoy sailor outfit from the Starcourt Mall, but there's also an extra special detail hidden on this three-inch figure. 

To celebrate Baskin Robbins' 31st anniversary, Funko sold an exclusive version of this Steve Pop! holding a Baskin Robbins banana split and sold the figure at its stores. 

Because collectors could only find the figure at their local ice cream shops, though, the fun didn't last long as some Baskin Robbins locations were looking for a 300-400% profit for the rare Funko Pop! This makes the Baskin Robbins Steve Pop! even harder for collectors to find. 

10.) Hopper (Flamethrower) 

Hopper holding flamethrower Funko Pop!

The Hopper Funko Pop! wielding a flamethrower captures Chief Jim Hopper in a fiery and action-packed moment, wearing his signature rugged sheriff attire and badge from the Netflix show.

The highlight of this eye-catching collectible is the tiny flamethrower that Hopper is holding, showcasing the intensity of his determined fight against otherworldly threats from the Upside Down. The flame effects are expertly crafted, providing a dynamic and lifelike touch to the figure.

With intricate attention to detail and vibrant colors, this Hopper Funko Pop! is a must-have addition to any Stranger Things fan's collection.

9.) Battle Eleven 

Eleven with blindfold Funko Pop!

The Battle Eleven Funko Pop! encapsulates the fierce and powerful nature of the beloved character from Stranger Things

This collectible figurine showcases Eleven in an eerily still pose, ready to unleash her telekinetic abilities on any impending danger. Eleven is shown wearing a blindfold, capturing the essence of her extraordinary powers and adding an air of mystery, intrigue, and vulnerability to the beloved Netflix character.

Whether displayed alone or as part of a Stranger Things collection, the Battle Eleven Funko Pop! serves as a powerful reminder of the character's growth and resilience throughout the series. This figurine immortalizes a pivotal moment in Eleven’s arc, making it a cherished piece for fans who wish to celebrate the indomitable spirit of the telekinetic kid.

8.) Will the Wise (Glow in the Dark) 

Will Funko Pop! In wizard costume

The Will the Wise Funko Pop! is a captivating tribute to one of the acclaimed Netflix series’ central characters. 

This Pop! features Will Byers in his iconic "Will the Wise" wizard costume from the group’s Dungeons & Dragons campaign. What sets this collectible apart is its remarkable glow-in-the-dark feature, which illuminates the intricate details of Will the Wise’s kiddy costume, including the mystical staff and flowing cape. 

Exclusive to Target stores in the United States, the Will the Wise Funko figure captures the essence of his imaginative character. Additionally, this Funko Pop! serves as a reminder of the constant fantastical adventures that have enthralled audiences worldwide in the Stranger Things lore.

7.) Demogorgon (10-Inch) 

Demogorgon Funko Pop!

The 10-Inch Demogorgon Funko Pop! showcases the terrifying manifestation of the Mind Flayer's control over the inhabitants of Hawkins.

With its ominous presence and eerie features, the Demogorgon Funko Pop! captures the essence of the nightmarish creature. From its slimy texture and writhing tentacles to its menacing expression, every aspect of this figurine brings the Mind Flayer's malevolence to life.

Now that the Demogorgon Pop! has been supersized to ten inches tall, it'll fittingly tower over all the other figures in the Stranger Things Funko collection.

6.) Eleven with Electrodes 

Eleven Funko Pop!

Representing a pivotal moment from the thrilling series, the next Funko Pop! on the list perfectly captures Eleven's raw power and determination. Adorned with intricately detailed electrodes attached to her shaved head, this Pop! immortalizes the scene where Eleven channels her telekinetic abilities and unleashes her true potential.

With a striking expression of focus and intensity, the Eleven with Electrodes Funko Pop! authentically depicts the young hero's pivotal transformation. Whether a devoted fan of Stranger Things or a collector of iconic moments in pop culture, this convention-exclusive figurine is a must-have addition to any collection. 

5.) Steve (Bat & Blood) 

Steve Funko Pop!

This limited-edition Funko Pop! pays homage to the beloved character Steve Harrington in his classic '80s attire, complete with his iconic luscious hair and endearing charm.

What makes this version truly special is Steve's bloodied face as he’s had to fight for his life more than once. He's also holding his weapon of choice against Demodogs—his trusty spiked bat. 

Many fans remember the fun the cast of Stranger Things had at San Diego Comic-Con in 2017, and this Funko Pop! that joined them at the convention is pretty memorable, too. 

4.) The Duffer Brothers (Upside Down) 

Duffer Brothers Funko Pop!

Celebrate the masterminds behind the captivating world of Stranger Things, Matt and Ross Duffer, with the Duffer Brothers Funko Pop! 2-Pack.

In a tongue-in-cheek nod to devoted fans, Funko put the creators of Stranger Things “Upside Down” in the Target-exclusive box and painted them with a black-and-white finish to further emulate the style and tone of the world they brought to life. 

Any fan of the Netflix show can find the fun and value of this Funko 2-pack as the show’s creators have plenty to be proud of with their streaming series. 

3.) Eleven (Blacklight) 

Eleven Blacklight Funko Pop!

The Blacklight edition of the Eleven Funko Pop! is fun because its vibrant colors represent the neon-drenched, retro world of the 1980s. The repainted Pop! features a mesmerizing design that comes to life under blacklight, making it a standout addition to any Pop! collection.

Fans will recognize this Eleven Funko Pop! pays close attention to the character’s iconic details. Dressed in her more outgoing look with longer hair, the older Eleven is also sporting an all-too-familiar, bright-red nosebleed as she clings to a shopping bag. 

The figure's intricate neon patterns cover her outfit, showcasing her telekinetic powers in a visually stunning way. Whether displayed on a shelf or under a blacklight, this Funko Pop! figure radiates an otherworldly glow that adds a dynamic and exciting element to any Stranger Things display. 

2.) Robin (You Rule/You Suck) 

Robin Funko Pop!

The "Ahoy" variant of the Robin Funko Pop! captures the charm of the beloved Stranger Things character, portraying Robin Buckley in her colorful Scoops Ahoy uniform.

Although it’s mainly recognized for the memes these days, every fan of Stranger Things will remember Robin in her Scoops Ahoy uniform from her time working alongside Steve Harrington at the Starcourt Mall's ice cream parlor, tallying the "You Rule/You Suck" board that she's holding here.

This figure serves as a nostalgic reminder of the show's memorable moments, and it immortalizes Robin's wit and camaraderie with the Hawkins crew.

1.) Eleven in the Rainbow Room 

Eleven Funko Pop!

Origins are often the most captivating part of original stories, and Stranger Things is no different. The Eleven in the Rainbow Room Funko Pop! takes fans back to the roots of the main character and depicts one of the most pivotal moments in getting to know the telekinetic kid.

The rainbow backdrop is included as a piece of the Pop!, making it a cool display even when removed from the box. The special Funko figure will become the centerpiece of any Stranger Things collection as the epic depiction draws attention from every angle. 

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