She-Hulk Disney+: New Evidence Teases Battle of Mark Ruffalo's Hulk vs. Villain Titania

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Hulk, Mark Ruffalo, Titania

Fans are currently enjoying What If...?, the first animated Marvel Studios venture. The show has given the world some mixed results, but fantastic characters such as Captain Carter and Doctor Strange Supreme now exist because of it.

Next on the slate is Hawkeye, which promises a Christmas adventure like no other and follows Clint Barton and new face Kate Bishop as they go up against enemies of Hawkeye's past. Based on the trailer alone, it seems like it's going to be a hell of a ride. But what's after that?

Well, it's not known for sure what will follow, but one of the possibilities is She-Hulk, a show that will introduce Jennifer Walters, played by the incredible Tatiana Malaney, to the MCU. The show will certainly be an interesting one, with it set to be a half-hour legal comedy out of all things. 

Where there's a She-Hulk, a Hulk must surely follow—and he will, as Mark Ruffalo's former Avenger was seen on set during the production. In the photos, he was next to a mystery character's stunt performer.

Now, thanks to actress Jameela Jamil, it seems that the unknown figure is no other than Titania, one of She-Hulk's villains.

Hulk vs Titania in She-Hulk?

On her Twitter feed, actor Jameela Jamil posted a picture of herself in a fancy wig and make-up, as seen below:

She-Hulk, Titania, MCU

Jamil's role in She-Hulk is the villain named Titania. A funny connection was made by Murphy's Multiverse's Charles Villanueva, as he compared photos of Mark Ruffalo on set with a stunt woman donning the same exact orange wig.

The results clearly show that at some point or another, Hulk is going to be sharing the screen with Titania, quite possibly in an action sequence:


Hulk Meets Titania... But Why?

All that's known about Titania is that she is one of the antagonists of the show, joining the likes of Tim Roth's Abomination to bring trouble to Jennifer Walters' life. But why would Mark Ruffalo's Bruce Banner be there?

Well, with her being a villain, the obvious answer would be that he was there to help fight her; after all, Titania does have super-strength in the comics and it's her stunt double who is pictured with mo-capped Ruffalo. 

There's also the possibility that Titania is not a villain in the show, and the two's encounter won't be sour in the slightest. Maybe Jamil's character starts out as a friend to Jennifer Walters and is secretly pulling some strings in the background.

With how little fans really know about the show, everyone will have to wait for She-Hulk to premiere sometime in 2022 on Disney+ before they know anything for sure.

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