She-Hulk: Why Wong Breaks Abomination Out of Prison

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She-Hulk: Attorney at Law is now two episodes into its run on Disney+, with some major implications having been set up by the end of its second episode. Much of that has to do with Tim Roth's Abomination and Benedict Wong's Wong, who were both confirmed for appearances in this series after a surprise inclusion in 2021's Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.

Warning - The rest of this article contains spoilers for Episode 2 of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law.

The final moments of Episode 2 shared just a hint of where that story will go, with the news reports showing footage of the Abomination's fight against Wong in Xu Xialing's Macau-based Golden Daggers club. This, of course, will lead to some hard-hitting questions for Jennifer Walters from her new coworkers and the public now that she's taken the responsibility of representing Emil Blonsky in his court case.

She Hulk Abomination news

Even though She-Hulk is sure to tackle what exactly happened in this incident, fans now have countless questions about everything that went down as Episode 2 ended. Seeing one of the most dangerous and mysterious villains in the MCU on camera with the Sorcerer Supreme is something that's going to raise plenty of eyebrows, especially now that the incident is in the public eye.

So, what in the Multiverse is happening between Wong and the Abomination? 

Wong and Abomination Make In-Universe MCU News

In 2021's Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, the titular hero and his friend Katy walked in on a cage fight between the Abomination and Wong, which was on the main event stage at Xu Xialing's Golden Daggers club. This ended with Wong using his Sling Ring to make the Abomination knock himself out with a powerful punch.

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In the final moments of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law Episode 2, footage from this battle leaked onto the internet shortly after Jennifer Walters became Emil Blonksy's lawyer. Blonsky was shown to be imprisoned in the Department of Damage Control's supermax prison, with leaked footage showing that he had broken free, although it doesn't seem that the public knows it was Wong who broke him out.

This leads to the important question regarding why exactly Wong used his powers to break the Abomination out of a supermax prison in order to let him participate in an underground cage fight.

Wong Trusts Blonsky?

In Blonsky's chat with Jennifer Walters, he tried to make it clear that he had reformed over the past 15 years and worked to better his own life through the support group that will be shown in later episodes.

While it's unknown how Wong and Blonksy's relationship started, this could be a reason that Wong allows the supervillain to engage in this kind of activity. Blonsky may have earned Wong's trust, with Wong believing he's being truthful about where he is with his progress, and it could be Wong's way of letting Blonsky advance with his powers to do something good for the world.

Wong and Blonsky Go Way Back?

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Following their fight in Shang-Chi, Wong asks Blonsky if he could "start controlling those punches, like [they] practiced," indicating that their relationship has been growing for quite some time.

This makes it clear that the two had been training together long before that moment, which also means it's probably not the first time that Wong had broken Blonsky out of prison for training. This leads to the question of why they're even together in the first place, and why Wong is using the Golden Daggers Club as a way to train the Abomination.

Considering that Blonsky didn't bring up the fight club at all in his chats with Jennifer Walters, there's a good chance he's keeping that side of his life a secret in order to look more favorable to his upcoming jury. Wong could be enabling that and making sure that he stays off the radar, showing that he might know about Blonsky's dark past with the events of the battle in Harlem.

Did Bruce Introduce Wong to Blonsky?

Shang Chi Wong Abomination

Tackling the question of how Wong and Emil Blonsky even got acquainted with one another in the first place, the answer could come from an interesting relationship that started in Avengers: Infinity War with Bruce Banner.

When Bruce crash landed on Earth, he fell right through the skylight in the Sanctum Sanctorum, meeting Wong and Doctor Strange for the first time before warning them about Thanos' impending attack. Following Tony Stark's death in Avengers: Endgame, this bond is one that easily could have developed over the years, with Bruce maybe even thinking of Wong with regard to the Abomination situation.

Once Bruce learned about Wong's abilities and his place as the Sorcerer Supreme, he may have come to the magician in hopes of pushing Emil Blonsky further down a redemptive path. Episode 2 confirmed that Bruce had seemingly rectified that relationship with his former enemy, and being both resourceful and an Avenger, he could certainly have hopes to see Blonsky make a good life for himself once again.

Wong's Magic Aiding Blonsky?

Wong vs Abomination

With Wong now holding the title of Sorcerer Surpreme, he has access to magic and knowledge that was previously hidden from him when he was simply the librarian at Kamar-Taj in Doctor Strange and the last two Avengers movies. Could he have possibly discovered some mysterious spell or artifact that aids Blonsky in his evolution as the Abomination?

This could answer the question of why the former villain now boasts a more comic-accruate look, with the fins on his head and a more streamlined body as a whole. But it could also be an indication that he's gaining more control over that side of his persona, similar to how Bruce Banner fully transformed into Smart Hulk, with the Mystic Arts of Kamar-Taj aiding him in that journey.

Blonsky could be gaining some mystical help both physically and emotionally, with Wong being powerful and knowledgeable enough to ensure he's not a danger to the world.

Are Blonsky's Fights Sanctioned?

The MCU is no stranger to shady organizations with ulterior motives, as seen with the use of SHIELD, Hydra, AIM, and even the Department of Damage Control. After all, the last of those groups just went after a teenager in Kamala Khan upon learning about her superpowers, engaging in an all-out battle with her in front of her high school in Ms. Marvel Episode 6.

On that front, there's a very real possibility that the DODC is actually sanctioning these fights for the Abomination, with Wong being the way he gets in and out of his supermax cell. This could even be enabled by somebody like Holden Holliway of GLK & H, who seemed completely unphased by the fact that Jen brought up Blonsky's violent incident in Harlem with Bruce Banner.

If that footage got out to the public by accident, it could set up Damage Control to deal with some major repercussions from the general public later in the show's run.

When Will These Questions Be Answered?

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With the footage from Shang-Chi being released in the final moments of She-Hulk Episode 2, it seems most likely that Jennifer Walters will deal with the ramifications of that news at some point during Episode 3. And considering that Wong is confirmed to make an appearance at some point during this series, it might end up being as soon as the very next episode.

The only tease that fans have for Wong so far is him telling somebody that the "universe is on the edge of a precipice," which could mean any number of things after the Multiverse was opened in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. How this ties back to what's happening in She-Hulk is anybody's guess, although the titular hero will likely learn about that from Wong as the audience does.

Regardless of how this plot works out, there will be some interesting threads to follow over the coming weeks with She-Hulk, Wong, and the Abomination alike.

The first two episodes of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law are now streaming on Disney+.

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