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Ms. Marvel, Kamran

After five weeks of thrilling action, fans are only days away from the sixth and final episode of Marvel Studios' Ms. Marvel on Disney+. Iman Vellani continues to shine as the franchise's young newcomer Kamala Khan, as she moves closer to realizing her full superhero status, which is about to come to fruition in the Season 1 finale.

Episode 5 finished with some major cliffhangers for Team Kamala after Najma and the ClanDestines met their end by trying to go through the interdimensional time-traveling rift in Pakistan. However, things got even more complicated when Rish Shah's Kamran wound up with his own set of powers before seeking out Bruno. And then things took yet another turn when a Stark drone attacked the pair at Circle Q.

It's safe to say that the upcoming finale will be jam-packed with action, drama, and emotion as fans see the final battle between Kamala and whoever stands in her way. Now, to help prepare for that finale, Disney+ has shared a short new round of footage teasing what's about to go down in Episode 6. 

New Trailer for Ms. Marvel Season Finale

As shared by Twitter user @ImanVellaniEn, Marvel Studios released a 15-second trailer for the Season 1 finale of Ms. Marvel, which premiers on Disney+ on Wednesday, July 13.

The trailer opens with Kamala Khan looking at herself in the mirror donning her full superhero costume as she says "I think I have this power for a reason." This shot also ties back to Episode 1, when Kamala looked at herself wearing her own Captain Marvel costume that she made for AvengerCon.

Also included is a moment with Matt Lintz's Bruno as he tells his best friend "We're with you to the end."

Ms. Marvel Episode 6
Marvel Studios

Rish Shah's Kamran shows off his new powerset that came at the end of Episode 5, blasting out green energy all around him.

Kamran, Ms. Marvel Episode 6
Marvel Studios

An unknown figure plugs some kind of wire into the roof above, seemingly setting off some kind of explosive device.

Ms. Marvel Episode 6
Marvel Studios

While it's unclear if it's in the same building as the one in the previous shot, a window explodes with bright red smoke coming out.

Ms. Marvel Episode 6
Marvel Studios

The trailer finishes with Kamala in her full new suit and mask, showing off her powers as she makes huge hands come out of her own with the bangle.

Kamala Khan, Ms. Marvel Episode 6
Marvel Studios

The full trailer can be seen below:

Marvel Studios also released another 30-second teaser trailer, largely consisting of shots used in the first five episodes. There are also a couple of new moments featuring Kamala putting up a shield with her powers and DODC Agent Deever walking away from Circle Q.

That trailer can be seen below:

Kamala Khan Becomes Ms. Marve in Finale

While these trailers reveal a ton of new footage, there is no doubt that fans will see Ms. Marvel fully realized as an MCU superhero in the upcoming finale. The big question now is how exactly everything will play out once that sixth episode begins streaming on Disney+.

As was the case with both Elizabeth Olsen in WandaVision and Anthony Mackie in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Iman Vellani will finally debut her official superhero costume. Each of the first five episodes have helped lead up to that moment with a new piece of the costume appearing along the way, and now, it will all come together for the newly-ordained Ms. Marvel.

Additionally, there are plenty of other major story beats to look at besides Kamala herself.

Kamran getting powers was a huge development that looks to continue in this new episode, and Damage Control will return with a vengeance as they search out the world's latest unknown superhero. However it all plays out, there are a number of new developments to look forward to as the season comes to a close.

Episode 6 of Ms. Marvel begins streaming on Disney+ on Wednesday, July 13.

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