Ms. Marvel: Kamran’s Big Secret Is Already Spoiled By the Comics

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After a successful debut episode, Ms. Marvel didn't waste time exploring the aftermath of its shocking cliffhanger during the second installment. The MCU series introduced Iman Vellani's Kamala Khan in a big way by showcasing her relationship with her family and friends as well as the daily struggles of a teenager both at home and at school. However, her life changed in an instant when a powerful bangle somehow gave her powers, thus resulting in her first step in transforming into the titular hero

Warning - this article contains spoilers for Ms. Marvel Episode 2 "Crushed." 

Ms. Marvel's second episode further examined Kamala's new powers through the help of Matt Lintz's Bruno Carrelli in a fun training montage. In addition, Episode 2 also highlighted Kamala's friendship with Yasmeen Fletcher's Nakia while also giving numerous teases about the intriguing backstory of the titular hero's family, specifically her great-grandmother Aisha. 

Another piece of the Ms. Marvel puzzle also made its debut in the episode in the form of Rish Shah's Kamran. The character's sudden arrival led to many questions from fans, asking if Kamran was one of the good guys or an actual villain waiting to strike. 

Ms. Marvel Introduces Kamran: Is He a Friend or Foe?

Iman Vellani as Kamala Khan, Rish Shah as Kamran
Marvel Studios

Kamran is a student at Coles Academic High School, the same school where Kamala, Bruno, and Nakia are studying. After a random encounter where Kamala bumps into Kamran in the hallway, the titular hero quickly develops a crush on him. A good chunk of the episode revolved around Kamala and Kamran's friendship, with a hint of a potential romantic relationship down the line.

From driving lessons to having the same taste in movies and music, it seems that the pair is a match made in heaven. However, Episode 2's ending may hint at a dark turn for Kamran.

Rish Shah as Kamran
Marvel Studios

At the tail-end of the episode, Kamala is ambushed by the Department of Damage Control and its Stark Drones, which are the same ones from 2019's Spider-Man: Far From Home. While trying to escape, Kamran arrives on the scene to offer a ride to Ms. Khan, thus successfully evading Damage Control's forces.

Nimra Bucha as Najma
Marvel Studios

However, to Kamala's surprise, there is an unexpected passenger inside Kamran's car: his mother named Namja, who is portrayed by Nimra Bucha. Based on the character's appearance, it seems that Kamran's mother is the same woman who appears in Kamala's unexplained visions throughout the episode. However, it remains to be seen if Namja and Aisha (Kamala's great-grandmother) are the same person.

Nimra Bucha as Najma
Marvel Studios

For context, Kamala has been seeing weird visions ever since putting on the bangle, with a woman appearing before her every time it happens. 

Ms. Marvel's Kamran Has a Complicated Comics History

Based on the ending, it's clear that Kamran is not being totally honest with Kamala. For starters, he knew that Kamala has powers, and it looked like he was tasked by his mother to watch over her until the time came when they had her to themselves. 

Rish Shah as Kamran, Ms. Marvel
Marvel Studios

It is unknown what the plans of Kamran and Namja are for Kamala, but the characters' history in Marvel Comics may offer a hint. In the comics, Kamala and Kamran are actually childhood friends, and both are Inhumans whose powers were activated by a Terrigen Bomb. 

Kamran's powers allow him to emit bright, blue-white energy which he can use to shock enemies or explode objects. It remains to be seen if the MCU's Kamran has powers already, but the character may end up developing abilities before the series is over.

Ms Marvel Kamran Inhuman
Marvel Comics

Similar to the MCU series, the pair were also romantically involved, but Kamran has a dark secret. The character is being used by an Inhuman called Lineage, a powerful villain who wants to eliminate the Earth of all non-Inhumans. 

Kamran's mother in the comics is named Bushra and not Namja, meaning that Marvel Studios changed this aspect for the series. Given that Earth-616 has yet to properly introduce the Inhumans, it's possible that Kamran and his mother are part of another group rumored to be involved in Ms. Marvel: The ClanDestine

Ms. Marvel's Promo Accidentally Reveals a Major Villain Spoiler 

The ClanDestine is known as a family of super-beings that are decedents of Djinn, a race of powerful magicians from Marvel Comics. Not only that but they are also described as "long-lived" superhuman beings, meaning that they can survive for a long time. 

It seems plausible that Namja is part of the ClanDestine, and she could very well be the same Aisha (Muneeba's grandmother and Kamala's great grandmother) who disappeared during the Partition. Based on the negative comments of Kamala's family about Aisha, the character's act of joining the evil ClanDestine could be the reason why she has been cast out and treated as an embarrassment to them. 

Ms. Marvel has already confirmed that the bangle belongs to Aisha, and it appears that her goal is to get it back. She must've found out that the bangle is still working once Kamala activates it, thus explaining the visions. As a result, Namja/Aisha uses Kamran to get to Kamala, ultimately finding the right time to strike. 

Aisha, Kamala, Ms. Marvel
Marvel Studios

In one of the show's promos, a brief yet surprising shot of Namja attacking Kamala can be uncovered, confirming that Kamran's mother is a full-fledged villain. The fact that the scene above is set at Aamir's wedding also sets up a de-facto reunion, with Aisha returning to her original family but in an unexpected way. 

All in all, Ms. Marvel's next set of episodes are expected to give answers about Kamala's true heritage and her potential ties to the cosmos. 

The first two episodes of Ms. Marvel are now streaming on Disney+. 

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