Ms. Marvel Disney+: New Rumor Reveals Spoilery Details About Surprise Villains

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2022 is set to bring Marvel Studios' first round of Disney+ shows centered on all-new characters in the MCU such as Oscar Isaac's Moon Knight and Tatiana Maslany's She-Hulk. Also on the docket for Phase 4's expansion, is Iman Vellani's Ms. Marvel, which will add to the MCU's growing cache of younger heroes following the lead of established icons.

Thus far, fans haven't seen a great deal of footage from the New Jersey teen's first MCU adventure, although Disney+ Day 2021 helped on that front with a fresh look at Kamala Khan prior to her adventures as a superhero. The clip from this event showcased Kamala in her costume paying tribute to Brie Larson's Captain Marvel as she first experiments with her newfound abilities, although those aren't shown on screen yet.

For everything that's confirmed to come in the Ms. Marvel series, nothing has been reported on whom the main antagonists will be in this brand-new story. That now changes with a rumor that may be pointing to a couple of unique groups making their presence felt in Iman Vellani's solo series.

Ms. Marvel Vs. ClanDestine and NICE?

Clandestine Marvel comics

Lizzie Hill of The Cosmic Circus revealed a rumor that Marvel Studios' Ms. Marvel will feature ClanDestine and the government organization NICE as the show's main villains.

ClanDestine is known as a family of super-beings that are decedents of Djinn, a race of powerful magicians from Marvel Comics. NICE is a government led by actress Alysia Reiner, whose role in the show is undisclosed at the moment.

New Faces for Marvel in Ms. Marvel

Marvel Studios has developed a knack over the years for introducing some of the most obscure characters and entities from the comics and turning them into household names (see the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise.) This comes as yet another example of this endeavor with the Disney+ shows bringing both ClanDestine and NICE into prominent roles.

In the comics, ClanDestine has toed the line between hero and villain due to some members of the family suddenly gaining superpowers. While nothing is confirmed yet for their appearance in this show, Marvel could look to rework their story to include some of the Inhumans' legacy that's been attempted in past Marvel TV shows like Agents of SHIELD and Inhumans.

As for NICE, the word about this organization is that it's a completely new entity within the MCU that's supposed to be something similar to the real-world ICE in the United States. It's unclear whether this organization is strictly looking for powered individuals like Ms. Marvel, but they will certainly be standing in Kamala Khan's path as she evolves into a superhero through the plot.

Although this show isn't said to include the Inhuman royal family like Black Bolt or Medusa, Marvel is said to be attempting a sort of reboot for this group of heroes within the canon MCU through Ms. Marvel's Inhuman originals. NICE and ClanDestine should play a big role in that endeavor, although many of the details on how this will happen are still a mystery.

Ms. Marvel will debut on Disney+ sometime in Summer 2022.

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