Shazam 2 Reveals New Posters for 6 Main Superheroes

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Shazam 2 Main Characters

Shazam! Fury of the Gods has released individual character posters for each Shazam! superhero.

While it's true that Billy Batson and his siblings have matured since the 2019 film, they'll still be summoning their superhero alter egos in the sequel, especially when facing Shazam 2's villainous trio.

It's also impossible that audiences will have more time with the whole Shazam family, especially now that the siblings all have powers from the start. 

In the meantime, DC Universe (DCU) fans are getting new looks at each of the returning cast's superhero personas thanks to new promotional posters.

Shazam 2 Character Posters Revealed

Six posters featuring each of the Shazam! family's super alter egos have been revealed and shared via Twitter

The first belongs to Billy's foster brother, Pedro Peña, played in adult form by D.J. Cotrona but in teenage form by Jovan Armand. 

Shazam 2 Pedro
Warner Bros.

In addition to each character's name, the posters also highlight their nicknames; and in Peña's case, it's "The Muscle."

The next poster is for Eugene Choi who's Billy's younger foster brother and, as noted on his poster, a gamer. 

Shazam 2 Eugene
Warner Bros.

Choi's superhero persona is played by Ross Butler; but when he's not in Shazam form, Ian Chen plays the character.  

A key character in 2019's Shazam!, Jack Dylan Grazer has returned to play Billy's foster brother and confidant, Freddy Freeman. 

The same can be said for Adam Brody who is also reprising his role. 

Shazam 2 Freddy
Warner Bros.

Just like in the original film, Freddy Freeman is expected to continue playing a significant (and possibly precarious?) role in the DC sequel. 

Billy's younger foster sister, Darla Dudley, is shown here played by Meagan Good. 

Shazam 2 Darla
Warner Bros.

Faithe Herman is set to continue playing the younger version of "The Speed" on March 17. 

Unlike the rest of the cast, actress Grace Fulton is confirmed to be playing both versions of Mary Bromfield in Fury of the Gods

Shazam 2 Mary
Warner Bros.

In the original Shazam!, Mary was already one of the family's most mature siblings. Therefore, her playing both versions makes sense and is probably best for the sake of continuity.

Fulton is replacing Michelle Borth who played the character's adult persona in the 2019 film. 

Naturally, the final poster is of the franchise's own star, Zachary Levi, as Billy Batson/Shazam and "The Champion."

Shazam 2 Shazam
Warner Bros.

Asher Angel is also returning to his role as the young Billy Batson. 

Will Shazam 2 Siblings Take the Spotlight?

As Shazam 2's marketing campaign ramps up ahead of its March release, these posters are only the beginning. 

According to Fury of the Gods director David F. Sandberg, the sequel's next trailer is set to drop before the end of January. 

However, one of the film's biggest stories has been whether Shazam! will continue in the rebooted DCU.

While DC Studios' co-CEOs, James Gunn and Peter Safran, have yet to unveil their future slate, evidence suggests that Shazam! - or at least Zachary Levi - have a future in the new era of DC Universe

Since the new slate - and the sequel's new trailer - are both expected in the coming weeks, fans shouldn't have to wait much longer to find out. 

In the meantime, these new posters not only remind audiences that the sequel is coming but that Billy Batson's Shazam isn't the only adult superhero this time around. 

It will be interesting to see whether these older versions of the young cast will receive more screentime in the upcoming sequel.

Shazam! Fury of the Gods arrives in theaters on March 17. 

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