Zachary Levi & DC Studios CEO Spend Vacation Together Amid Shazam Recast Rumors

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Zachary Levi Shazam DC Studios CEO

New photos have shown that Shazam! Fury of the Gods' Zachary Levi is vacationing with DC Studios co-CEO, Peter Safran

In the months following James Gunn and Peter Safran becoming the new co-CEOs of DC Studios, Levi's role as Shazam and the future of that franchise has been in question. 

But with Shazam! Fury of the Gods set to premiere on March 17, and on the heels of a report Gunn and Safran are planning a "broad but not blanket reset" of the DCU, these photos have cast a new light on the actor's DC future.

Shazam Star Vacations With DC Studios CEO

In vacation photos posted to Instagram by Peter Safran's wife, Natalia Safran, Shazam! star Zachary Levi isn't just present on their Aspen vacation, but his character and film are referenced as well. 

The following is Natalia Safran's caption:

"SHAZAM! in Aspen and THE most delish Gallette des Rois on 3 Kings/Epiphany Day. Now Xmas is officially over"

The first photo shows the Shazam 2 actor on a ski lift with the Safran family.

Zachary Levi Safran Instagram

The second not only tagged Levi with the official Warner Bros. Shazam! Instagram account but also happens to feature a Peacemaker snowboard. 

Zachary Levi Safran Instagram

In addition to Peter Safran having served as a producer for the Shazam! franchise, he's also a friend of Zachary Levi. 

The same goes for James Gunn who Levi has referred to as his friend in the past. 

But apart from their personal relationships, it's worth noting that the actor has been actively debunking rumors that Shazam 2 is his final DC film

Shazam Star's DCU Future Confirmed?

Given that Gunn and Safran are recasting Peter Cavill's Superman and have plans for a rebooted and interconnected DCU, many assumed that the same applies to Shazam!

However, not all of the current DC stars are being recast. John Cena, for instance, is expected to continue in James Gunn's Peacemaker

Also, since Safran is both a friend and producer of the Fury of the Gods star, it's likely that Levi survives the reboot purge as well. 

But even if the March sequel is the end of the line for the current Shazam! franchise, that doesn't mean the same applies to Levi.

In fact, it's possible that Gunn and Safran will offer the actor a major new role within their DCU. 

But with Fury of the Gods on the horizon, and as the new DC Studios heads continue to reveal their grand plan, the fate of Zachary Levi and his Shazam! franchise should be revealed sooner rather than later. 

In the meantime, a picture is still worth a thousand words; and from what can be seen in these photos, the actor and the DC Studios CEO appear to be on great terms. 

Shazam! Fury of the Gods arrives in theaters on March 17. 

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