Did Secret Invasion's Director Just Spoil the Finale’s Twist?

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The director behind Secret Invasion may have just spoiled the big twist coming in the series' streaming finale. 

Disney+'s MCU "espionage thriller" is about to round out its six-episode run on the streamer, as Samuel L. Jackson's Nick Fury aims to stifle the alien Skrull invasion of Earth. 

Thus far, the series has been fairly paint-by-numbers, despite a series of twists that have largely not landed as the creators likely expected. 

But the show is not done yet, and with the tease of "more twists and turns than ever," surely, Secret Invasion's finale will come with its own shocking turn of events. 

Secret Invasion's Finale Twist Seemingly Spoiled

A major twist set for Secret Invasion's finale was seemingly spoiled by director Ali Selim. 

When asked by TVLine how the end of the streaming will compare to the "typical Marvel series CGI punch-fest", Selim remarked that he "can’t give it away" but did hint at this story being "less about Nick Fury vanquishing Gravik" and "more about Nick Fury reconciling with Gravik:"

“I can’t give it away. The thing that I love about this [show] is that the story is less about Nick Fury vanquishing Gravik and is more about Nick Fury reconciling with Gravik.”

This is the first mention of Nick Fury's potential reconciliation with Kinglsey Ben-Adir's Skrull villain, which would be a twist from what many were expecting where the series would go. 

It does appear that Samuel L. Jackson's Marvel hero will still throw hands with Gravik based on released footage.

Nick Fury 1
Marvel Studios

However, one frame from this showdown does have Nick Fury holding his hands in the air, which could be the moment Selim is talking about in the above quote. 

What Will Happen in the Secret Invasion Finale?

Given the way the series had gone so far, many expected Secret Invasion to end with Kingsley Ben-Adir's Gravik being taken off the board as his Skrull invasion plan is inevitably thwarted. 

However, this talk of "reconciling" may change some things. 

If, in fact, Nick Fury doesn't take down Gravik in the finale that has been hyped up as "sooo good" by Jackson himself, Ben-Adir's Secret Invasion villain could end up being a valuable resource going forward in the MCU. 

Despite the middling reception to Secret Invasion, Ben-Adir has been a bright spot and could shine if he is kept around in the franchise. It would actually be a shame to let such a great young actor come and go without ever getting to really show what he is capable of. 

While this twist may come as a shock, it could ultimately be the best choice for Fury and Gravik to come to some sort of agreement rather than partake in a battle to the death. 

Even if the two reconcile, it remains unknown if Gravik still makes it out of the Secret Invasion finale alive, but Marvel Studios would be smart to keep him around. 

Secret Invasion's finale comes to Disney+ on Wednesday, July 26. 

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