Secret Invasion's Finale Trailer Includes Major Spoilers (Video)

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Secret Invasion Finale Nick Fury

The latest trailer for Secret Invasion's finale features some pretty major spoilers. 

Marvel Studios' Disney+ adaptation of the beloved comics storyline is now five weeks into its six-week run on the streamer, as Samuel L. Jackson's Nick Fury uncovered a Skrull conspiracy on Earth. 

The super-powered political thriller featured its fair share of twists and turns, albeit to varying degrees of success, in what has been dubbed the MCU's first "crossover event" series

So with only two episodes left before Secret Invasion is done, surely, there are still some major reveals headed fans' way in the Marvel Studios streaming series. 

Some Secret Invasion Finale Spoilers

Marvel Studios seemingly spoiled some major plot points headed to the final two episodes of its latest Disney+ series, Secret Invasion

The new finale trailer shows off just over a minute of footage, featuring new looks at never-before-scenes and sequences set for the series' final two episodes. 

Secret Invasion 1
Marvel Studios

The first thing fans will notice is the return of Nick Fury's eyepatch, seen as he battles a Super Skrull. The series thus far has seen the former SHEILD director go without his signature eye patch, aside from a few appearances in flashbacks. 

This Super Skrull seems to be taking on Fury with some sort of facsimile of Hulk's super-strength. This could be the powers of Cull Obsidian, a character who was teased previously in the series

Secret Invasion 2
Marvel Studios

From there, the trailer reveals a sequence in which Emelia Clarke's Gi'ah comes across a room full of humans in cocoons. 

Secret Invasion 3
Marvel Studios

The scene, seen at 0:42, could be a hint at the great Skrull conspiracy that the show has teased, with a revelation of just how many familiar faces have been imprisoned and are being mimicked by the shape-shifting aliens. 

Secret Invasion 4
Marvel Studios

Then, at 0:46, a physical confrontation between Nick Fury and what looks to be Skrull Rhodey can be seen. After playing fairly nice, this sequence will surely be a tense one as Nick goes at one of his Avengers family. 

Secret Invasion 5
Marvel Studios

This is accompanied by brief glimpses of Nick Fury going up against a whole swath of, what can be assumed to be, Skrulls in the form of government agents. 

Secret Invasion 6
Marvel Studios

And toward the end of the trailer, the use of a nuke is spoiled, potentially hinting at series villain Gravik's ultimate plan for humanity, as he fights for a new Skrul home. 

The full trailer can be seen below:

What Is Hiding in Secret Invasion's Finale?

If Samuel L. Jackson is to be believed, there is still plenty left in the tank when it comes to Secret Invasion

The Nick Fury actor recently hyped up the series finale, remarking that the last two episodes are part of a "really smooth arc across six episodes" and that Episode 6, in particular, is "sooo good."

And if this trailer is any indication, fans are in for a thrilling conclusion to this Skrull-infused story. 

What will be interesting to see, though, is just how many more major reveals are left in the show's final two episodes. 

Is Rhodey really the only familiar face to have been taken over by one of the series' shape-shifting aliens? Or - like in the comic storyline - are there any other Avengers that will be revealed to have been a Skrull in hiding?

Well, if the Disney+ series is going to live up to its "crossover event" billing, some would say another significant reveal (or two) is almost needed to make the show even worth it. 

Hopefully, given the middling reception thus far Secret Invasion has seen so far, the show can end on a high note, and its consequences can be felt for years to come in the super-powered universe.

New episodes of Secret Invasion can be streamed on Disney+ every Wednesday until July 26. 

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