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The Marvel Cinematic Universe's new expansion on Disney+ is now officially two months away with the debut of WandaVision set for January 15, kicking off at least eight new shows that will help the franchise grow exponentially. The next series in line is The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, a much more grounded series continuing the story of Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes as they team up once again with Sam taking on the Captain America mantle.

While there is still no set release date for this series, promotional material and teases have kept the fans engaged in nearly every way imaginable. Both of the series' co-stars, Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan, have helped keep the series on fans' minds as well over the past few months, and a new video of the tag-team has just released teasing their excitement for the new Disney+ series.


The Falcon and the Winter Soldier co-star Sebastian Stan took to Instagram, posting a 37-second video of himself and his co-star Anthony Mackie hyping each other up from the Prague set of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. The two will be joining the Ronald McDonald House's Virtual Gala on the night of November 16 to help provide support for advanced cancer treatment.

No new information is revealed about the Marvel mini-series, although these few quotes help show how close the actors are and how thankful they are for their roles and the MCU fan base:

STAN: You’re the man.

MACKIE: You are the man...You are the wind beneath my wings.

STAN: Alright, listen, there’s no Sam Wilson without Bucky Barnes.

MACKIE: And there’s no Bucky Barnes without Sam Wilson, or Captain America.

STAN: Or Captain America, we don't exist without Captain America, so it’s a team….team effort. And one can't do it alone, it's about the family coming together as one. Thank you for those people helping other people.

The full video on Instagram can be seen below:



Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan have periodically utilized social media to keep reminding fans that they are continuing to work on this new MCU series, and they continue to show how close they have become working together over the last six years. As they take on more responsibility in the franchise after Steve Rogers officially passed on the Captain America title in Avengers: Endgame, the new series is set to explore both of their characters much more deeply while they progress as heroes.

No specific plot details have been revealed for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier yet, although the duo will be traveling all over the world to battle the villainous efforts of the resurgent Helmut Zemo, with more than a handful of exciting characters coming along for the ride.

The series is currently in its final stages of filming in Europe, and there is no set date for its premiere on Disney+, although it will likely be after the full run of WandaVision.

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March 19, 2021
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