Is Scarface 2 Movie Real or Fake? 2024 Release Speculation Explained

By Richard Nebens Posted:
Al Pachino

Speculation is growing regarding Scarface 2, leading many to wonder whether the supposed 2024 movie is real or fake.

Scarface 2 Trailer Goes Viral Online

A new trailer is making the rounds online, teasing that a potential Scarface 2 is being prepped for release sometime in 2024.

The trailer recaps footage from the original 1983 movie, largely focusing on Al Pacino's Tony Montana being shot after uttering the classic line, "Say hello to my little friend!"

New footage indicates Pacino's character actually survived that attack and is now back in action in Miami to rebuild his drug empire.

The 70-second trailer highlights the Miami nightlife and showcases the drug scene, including plenty of gunfire and a huge cash drop.

Unfortunately, this trailer is fake, and there are no official plans for any kind of Scarface sequel to be made or released at the time of writing.

However, that wasn't always the case... In 2001, plans were in place for a Scarface sequel with original director Brian De Palma coming back for a second round of action. This would have been called Scarface 2: Son of Tony with rapper Cuban Link being featured in the leading role, but the film never materialized. 

Additionally, a Scarface remake/reboot has been on the table since the early 2010s, with directors such as David Yates, Antoine Fuqua, the Coen Brothers, and Luca Guadagnino all in contention to take on the movie.

Most recently, Guadagnino told The Playlist in November 2023 that he was "not working on Scarface anymore."

He did not comment specifically on that movie, only noting that when he approaches remakes, he makes sure it is about "understanding what the story carries within itself" that goes past the original:

"For me, when approaching any book adaptation or remake, it’s about understanding what the story carries within itself that goes beyond the form of the original work. So that you can tell that story from a completely different perspective. Whether it’s fresh or not, I cannot tell. But it’s different."

For now, there appear to be no plans to make Scarface 2, although fans will certainly be on the lookout for any updates about the potential film.

The original Scarface is streaming on Hulu and Peacock.

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